Why the husband does not love your mother

Good relations between the son-in-law and the mother-in-law develop not always. Tension in their communication creates conflict situations, leading to serious quarrels of spouses. It is necessary to know the causes of conflict and to be able to understand them.

The reason that the husband does not love your mother can consist in total rejection of relatives from the wife. So he lets know that if he lives with you, then it does not give to it the grounds for a duty to communicate with your relatives. As your mother is one of the closest to you people, the main part of hostility of your husband also falls upon her. Appearance of mother in your house can become the reason of defiantly negative behavior of the spouse. So he tries to obtain that any of relatives of the wife dared to interfere on the territory of your apartment. Perhaps, thus he ego-trips as the host. And such self-affirmation happens in his own eyes. So it is easier for it to feel the main thing in family. At the same time at it no, the concrete reason not to love your mother, he just does not try to construct though some relations with it.

Hypertrophied care of the mother-in-law of young family can become a good reason for the pronounced bad relations with the son-in-law. If the wife's mother from the very beginning of joint life of newlyweds begins to interpose in their family matter, then over time the husband will begin to express discontent with this circumstance. Even the explanation of the fact that mother does it for the best does not save the situation. The close location of houses of young family and parents not always promotes good relations between them. Mother of the wife has an opportunity quite often to visit the daughter, to give it infinite advice on economy and the relations with the husband. At the same time the husband feels not at home, and on a visit at the mother-in-law. And the fact that the wife begins to look at him eyes of the mother fuels tension even more. You can correct a situation if at once and unostentatiously explain to the mother that you are very grateful to it for care, however you decided to cope with the problems. It is better to hold this conversation in the presence of your husband. So he will feel your support and will know that you are at one with it. Besides, it will raise its self-assessment.

At once take into consideration that your husband is not obliged to love your mother at all. The fact that he loves you does not impose on him a duty to have the same feeling to your parents and other relatives. You should not demand from it love for the mother-in-law. Good relations by order of do not happen. Over time, when you will have children, he will fully estimate care of mother of the wife. The attitudes towards her at the same time will become more valid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team