Why the wife does not want the husband?

Why the wife does not want the husband?

Unfortunately, at many couples after a while sexual life becomes uninteresting, boring, and even stops. Imagine such situation – the husband comes back in the evening from work, tries to hint the wife that he wishes to make love to it, and in reply is refused. Certainly, the man begins to think of a question why the wife does not want the husband as earlier.

The wife does not want sex with the husband

Let's try to consider with you the main reasons for this problem. In this situation both persons therefore it is important to understand occasions of similar female behavior suffer and to try to resolve an issue.

  1. The woman is tired of work and household chores. Most of women give all the best completely at work, and, having come home, still remake a heap of cases on housekeeping and maintenance of a cosiness and purity in the house. Try to undertake a part of house efforts or you spend more time with children that the spouse tried to have a rest at this time.
  2. There are such situations when the wife does not want the husband after pregnancy. First, the newborn baby takes away all forces and energy from mother, secondly women can feel diffident because of changes in appearance. Besides, at some girls the lowered sexual desire is noted. All these moments can become the reasons that the wife does not want the husband after the delivery.
  3. She has no sexual desire to the husband. The lived joint years later, feelings become others, and desire of sex decreases. Cases when people, being in marriage, cease to watch the appearance and a figure are also frequent – this factor can become the reason that sexual life becomes boring and rare too. For men it is an occasion to think of necessary changes.
  4. It had other man. If suddenly so it happened that the woman had a lover, hardly she confesses about it at once. She will long doubt, weigh all pros and cons and to choose. When she decides to finish the relations with the constant man, she tries to avoid contacts with it.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team