As it is correct to go

As it is correct to go

The correct and beautiful gait – the dream of many women. This quality is given someone from the birth, someone should learn to go correctly. Professional models spend months and years for training of the fashion show.


1. That the gait was correct and beautiful, watch the bearing when walking. You hold legs on width of hips, trying not to place them it is too wide or too narrow. When walking the body has to rock hardly considerably in the step to steps. Don't do the movement of hands too wide. Slightly press hands to the trunk, straighten fingers, slightly bend elbows in elbows.

2. Don't shuffle the feet and you don't drag them. At each step alternately tear off legs from the floor. Step on the heel, smoothly transferring the center of gravity to the sock. You hold feet in parallel each other or slightly you part socks outside. To women about one line is better to learn to go. For this purpose lay out or draw the straight line and you learn to put legs on it. On the head at the same time put the heavy book. You watch the size of steps: for men optimum 70-75 cm, for women of 60-65 cm. Also don't wag hips when walking – it is indecent.

3. For development of the correct gait do special exercises. The first: take the pole and put it for hips, when walking you monitor the movements of hips by means of the pole. The second: lean the back against the wall. Straighten legs, tighten the belt. Touch the wall only by the head, shoulders and heels. Remember this postural pose and try to pace thus about the room. Besides, master walking back to front, dance steps, walking on the inclined plane. It will give to gait unusual ease.

4. Begin to exercise muscles on which the beautiful gait depends. The first: sit down, leaning on hands and socks of legs, cramp knees together. Straightening legs in knees, receive the pose of the stretching cat, trying to reach heels the floor. Then again sit down and sharply rise. Perform exercise at least 3 times. Subsequently bring number of repetitions to 10.

5. The second exercise: lay down on the floor, extend hands along the trunk. On the exhalation quickly bend legs, tightening the cramped knees to the breast. Then, doing the slow exhalation, smoothly lower legs down. Don't tear off knees during all exercise from each other. Execute not less than 8 repetitions. The third exercise on flexibility: get up directly, put feet of legs together. Carry out bendings forward, trying to get floor palms. Being bent, do the exhalation. Repeat movements not less than 8 times.

6. Last exercise for development of gait: lay down on the floor, raise the right leg up. Take the foot of the right leg in the left hand, rest the right hand against the knee. Alternately straighten the right leg in the knee, and then bend again. The right hand press the knee when straightening the leg, trying to straighten completely the leg in the knee joint. Having done exercise of 5-8 times, change the leg. Try to include all described exercises in the complex of morning exercises.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team