How to buy figure skates

How to buy figure skates

In anticipation of winter cold weather, announcements of opening of skating rinks and sale of skates appear. Sports shops in eager rivalry offer the best options as a hobby and the purse. However before deciding on the choice of skates, it is necessary to obtain full information. Skates – not only attribute of winter entertainment, but also footwear, and footwear has to be convenient and allow legs to breathe. Besides, it is sports attribute, so, the right choice will reduce the possibility of getting injured during driving.


1. It is necessary to take purchase of skates seriously even if driving — only entertainment. This sport demands high coordination of movements therefore skates have to be convenient that it was possible to keep balance easily. Besides, the leg in the fad has to breathe, means it is necessary to choose suitable material.

2. There are three types of figure skates: amateur, semi-professional and professional. If to consider in terms of the price, then professional skates the most expensive, however and the most qualitative. Nevertheless, and among amateur skates it is possible to find worthy couple.

3. There are several main signs on which it is easy to distinguish good skates: the rigid sole, quick-drying insoles and convenient "language", dense material of the boot, opaque runners from stainless steel with high extent of training.

4. Soles of ridge boots have to be rigid, it is desirable, made of genuine leather. Quick-drying insoles, and it is better the anatomic insoles repeating the foot form, will give to the leg the comfortable, but firm support. Exaggerated "language" which won't move down on one side during driving is desirable. Besides, some producers put special small pillows for the anklebone to avoid rubbing and other damages.

5. The boot has to be made of genuine leather or leatherette of high quality. Material has to be dense, but at the same time soft to the touch. It is better that the distance between openings for laces was quite long, and laces – strong. There are models to fasteners and velcros, but it is better to choose classical option with laces.

6. Runners of skates have to be opaque, it is sign of quality. Such skates shouldn't be sharpened often, and they will wear out more slowly. Expensive models of skates are often offered with removable runners which fail quicker, than boots. Skates have to sit densely, without allowing to move the ankle joint, otherwise there is the risk to be traumatized. As a rule, under skates socks therefore it is better to select them on the half-size more, than the usual size of footwear are put on.

7. And last moment: during purchase it is necessary to put skates on the equal floor next to each other. If skates don't part in the parties, so they are rather steady and won't bring on the skating rink.

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