Because of what muscles after the training hurt?

Because of what muscles after the training hurt?

Muscular pain - the frequent satellite of beginners and experienced athletes. Most often it comes next day after the training and is response of muscle tissue to increase in habitual loading.

Painful discomfort in muscles after the intense training - not the rarity even if you play sports long ago. Can cause pain in beginners even insignificant loadings, and often they have unpleasant feelings right after the first training. At experienced athletes such pains often become response to the growing loadings. The cause of pain in muscles - lactic acid which is the by-product of the processes proceeding in the organism and accumulates in muscle tissue as a result of strong tension. Concentration of lactic acid grows in proportion to growth of loading. For this reason on the last approaches of any exercises when tension becomes maximum, the athlete feels burning in muscles.

Also there is the late muscular pain which cause are microinjuries of muscle tissue. Microruptures of muscles are the consequence of unusual loadings too. In particular, they can arise after change of the training program or as a result of excessively intensive training after the long break. Subsequently muscle tissue is restored - as a result of emission of hormones and synthesis of protein there is the regeneration of muscle fibers, muscles volume increases. For this reason the known sports motto sounds as ""No pain - no gain!"" (there is no pain - there is no growth). Painful feelings are the proof that the training took place not for nothing, and muscles received necessary loading for growth and increase in power indicators.

Whether it is necessary to struggle with pain?

Pains after the trainings aren't hazardous to health and most often pass. However if they cause too great discomfort, the warming procedures - the bath, the sauna, the heat bath with sea salt, the weakening massage are allowed. Also the extension helps to improve the condition of the damaged muscle tissue. It is recommended to stretch muscles and sheaves before each training during warm-up and also to carry out the extension after loadings - it is excellent prevention of muscular pains and promotes the fastest regeneration of the damaged fabric.

It isn't recommended to continue intensive trainings, despite of pain. It can lead to serious injuries. You shouldn't overload the muscle which didn't manage to be recovered yet - it does harm to health and interferes with progress. Nevertheless, absolutely you shouldn't refuse loading. It is only necessary to choose exercises which will be sparing for the overloaded muscles and not to use limit weight.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team