How to protect plants from frosts

How to protect plants from frosts

Many summer residents seek to take out the landings to kitchen garden rather. But there can be frosts in the early summer. Also they can come and in the early fall. And so there is a wish that vegetables have completely ripened on kitchen garden. At this time it is important to protect the planted plants, otherwise they will die.


1. Happens, as the summer did not work well, and the fall has come early, and frosts do not doze and try "to select" our harvest. At frosts the earth, of course, does not cool down so absolutely to destroy harvest. But plants which fructify on vershoks it is necessary to keep in relative heat. Also it concerns spring crops.

2. In the afternoon the sun heats already strongly, and here at night stem of thermometer falls lower than 15 degrees. It is not necessary to be afraid of frosts if there was heavy rain in the evening and the sky is tightened by clouds.

3. And here at the clear evening sky and temperature not higher than 4 ˚ it is worth expecting night cold snap. In ancient times believed what in the spring, in May, can be learned whether there will be frosts. If at the beginning of month as in summer warmly, then at the end strike frosts and vice versa.

4. How to protect landings and thermophilic plants on kitchen garden? The first and simple decision it will be simple to cover them with colourless film or nonwoven fabric, having held the ends stones. On frequent autumn frosts it is possible to make framework on which you will pull the same material. Thus you will not break branch of plants.

5. If you have no ukryvny material, then it is possible to cover landings with old newspapers in several layers or fir-tree branches.

6. If frosts not strong, then it is possible just to water kitchen garden with watering can "small dozhdichok". It will protect them from cold weather.

7. It is possible to increase the resilience of plants to autumn frosts, having fed up them potash or phosphatic fertilizers. And nitric fertilizing, on the contrary, reduces this property.

8. Sprinkling by ashes for the night will also save your plants from cold weather. But you should not leave so in the sun – leaves will burn.

9. Also save smoky fires on kitchen garden from frosts. Add a lot of raw material (firewood, grass) that there was no fire to such fires. In this way there are a lot of minuses: smoke smells and the dried firewood will inflame sooner or later, and it is already fire-dangerous situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team