How to lose weight without diet and to gather in stomach

How to lose weight without diet and to gather in stomach

There are many ways to lose weight without diet and to gather in stomach in house conditions. The correct spirit and also certain sequence of actions which finally will result in desirable result are in this case important.


1. Before trying to lose weight without diet and to gather in stomach, it is necessary to think over this purpose completely. Specific terms in which you will manage to reach it are necessary. For example, if you have small excess weight, decide for yourself that it will leave, for example, in month. If the stomach and sides act quite strongly, it is necessary to give not less than 2-3 months for achievement of the necessary result. Be surely adjusted – close eyes and provide your figure when the purpose is executed. You have to want it really. Only in this case nothing will be able to stop you throughout all way whatever difficult it was.

2. Intensive sports loadings are the main way to gather in stomach and sides for short term and to lose weight in sides. It is possible to begin with simple and not too long morning jogs. In the morning the organism is full of strength and ready to burning of excess calories and kilograms. It is also useful to begin morning with charging in the form of pandiculations, deep body tilts in different directions, turns of trunk on the place and moves with hands. These small steps are already capable to lead to that extra kilos have ceased to be postponed in waist.

3. The main exercises helping to lose weight without diet and to gather in stomach are those which force to strain press muscles. Reach prone position on spin. Put hands the lock behind the head or press to breast, and bend legs in knees and be convinced that foot are densely pressed to floor. Lift the body, trying to touch by breast of knees, and slowly return to starting position. If it is difficult to hold legs not movably, it is possible to enclose them, for example, under sofa or other suitable subject or to ask somebody to take them while you carry out exercise.

4. Try to complicate load of press. It will help to gather in stomach and sides for short term. During raising of body on spin carry out twisting from situation – turns of body to the left and to the right serially. The number of repetitions has to be not less than 20-30 for one approach. The number of approaches will depend on your endurance. They need to be increased gradually every day that muscles responded to power and kardio loadings better.

5. The second of the main exercises on strengthening of muscle of stomach – raising of straight lines or slightly bent legs up from the same situation on spin. You hold hands behind the head or press them to sides. Do not forget to supplement this exercise with twisting. If houses or in the gym where you are engaged, are the Swedish wall or horizontal bar, it is possible to raise legs, having hung hands on crossbeam and trying not to be shaken by body.

6. At last, surely refuse at least for a while greasy and sweet food in favor of bigger amount of vegetables, fruit, cereals and protein-rich products – light meat of chicken, fish, beef, bean, etc. It is also important to eat properly during the day. Divide food into several meals better so that they were short and each 2-3 hours followed one by one. Do not overeat and watch that the last meal occurred till 18 o'clock.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team