Cocktails and desserts with the protein for growing thin

Cocktails and desserts with the protein for growing thin

Protein cocktails are received today not only by athletes for keeping fit, but also and the people seeking to normalize the weight. Do you want to try? Dare!

Than the protein at weight loss is useful

Choice this not so accidental. The fact is that the protein or protein – the best source of nutrients for the human body. Unlike carbohydrates which are quickly split and lead to accumulation of fat, proteins are acquired longer and break up to valuable amino acids which don't lead to the set of weight. The second undoubted plus of protein cocktails – they give sense of fulness at rather small volume. Therefore, help to reduce the size of the stomach stretched by frequent and plentiful meals and to get rid of "tummy".

What cocktail to choose

It is worth to rememberIt is worth to remember that protein cocktails are intended, first of all, not for weight reduction, and for sports food at high exercise stresses. For this reason be not enough the first cocktail – can happen that it will be not only it is useless, but will even do much harm in your fight against extra kilos. Proteins are divided into serums and "slow" cocktails. For weight loss the nutritionists recommend to use serumal cocktails. They are quicker acquired by the organism and don't give effect of increase in muscle bulk that at weight loss everything can only spoil.

Pay attention also to structure of cocktail. Besides the main proteinaceous component, at it there can often be present be also other ingredients, for example, carbohydrates. You shouldn't receive protein cocktail with carbohydrates in the evening or for the night, and here after the breakfast as the nutritious dessert it will be very opportunely. One more important point – the protein. As a rule, cocktails are made on the basis of milk protein, protein of eggs or soy. The soy protein is acquired slightly worse dairy, but is ideal for vegetarians and people with the lactose intolerance. On egg white some also have the allergy therefore attentively study the label before purchase.

As it is correct to grow thin on proteins

The simplest scheme of application of protein cocktails or desserts comes down to substitute of one of meals of the protein. However and there are subtleties. For example, keeping to the similar diet it is necessary to exclude completely from the diet the products with carbohydrates which aren't containing cellulose: candies, zephyr, chocolate and so forth. If you eat them together with protein cocktail, not very well in what sequence, it, on the contrary, will promote the set of weight.

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