Evminov's board: a set of exercises for a backbone

Evminov's board: a set of exercises for a backbone

Health of a back — today topical issue for many. One of the effective devices helping to prevent diseases of a backbone and to get rid of the available problems — Evminov's board.

What is it?

Evminov's board is the adaptation helping with the course of a course of exercises it is accurate and safe to stretch a backbone for health and to strengthen a muscular corset. The design represents a board with a number of handles for different degree of loading and application, depending on a condition of the patient. The exercise machine can be installed under a different corner, be equipped with a special loop for special exercises.

During the trainings on a board the physiotherapist controls extent of extension of a backbone of the patient. At the same time the most correct is selected anatomic position of a body of the patient. Small amplitude of actions allows to level smoothly pressure upon backs of the clamped nervous terminations, to set disks and connections of joints. At the expense of the found flexibility and elasticity of muscle tissue, the bearing is corrected, pains leave.

Whether you know? V.V. Evminov to foundation of health center built sports career. Vyacheslav Vladimirovich has a set of awards, is the Master of Sports in rowing deserved by the trainer of Ukraine in this sport.

Advantage and indications

Adaptation is recommended neurologists at a hernia nuclei pulposi and other diseases of a back.

The board gives considerable relief to the people having such diseases:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • scoliosis;
  • spondiloartroz (chronic disease of joints);
  • sciatica;
  • traumatic consequences;
  • atrophy of muscles of a back;
  • pathology of intervertebral disks (protrusion).

The exercise machine is used for rehabilitation after surgical interventions, for simplification of a state at sharp or chronic forms of above-mentioned diseases, for their prevention.

After a course of occupations the next positive moments are noted:

  • disposal of pains;
  • release from pressure upon intervertebral disks;
  • elimination of jamming of the nervous terminations in a spine column;
  • correction of a bearing;
  • reposition of joints;
  • strengthening of a muscular corset of a back.

Whether you know? Evminov's center became the winner of a competition of 2006 in the Development and Production of the Medical Equipment and Materials nomination.


The effect of treatment on a profilaktor is noted by many patients, but all classes have to be under strict control of the physiotherapist. A backbone — one of the most weak spots of our organism, and incorrect loading can do harm. Occupations on a board have a number of restrictions, among them:

  • oncology;
  • osteoporosis;
  • serious heart diseases;
  • the infections which affected a backbone.

The recovery period after surgical interventions allows use of the exercise machine, but after the organism a little gets stronger.

Set of exercises on Evminov's board

The universality of a medical design, despite its simplicity, consists in versatility of application. Various painful states demand different degree of loading, Evminov's exercise machine allows to choose several modes.

Important! Before the occupations be convinced of durability of all fastenings, of lack of friction about a support.


Classes in the sparing mode are given under a small tilt angle of the panel of the exercise machine, with the minimum load of a backbone. The mode is directed to restoration and improvement of a blood-groove, disposal of spasms and pressure differences.

The main operations in the sparing training are performed lying on a back:

  1. To smoothly pull on itself fingers of feet, after slowly to straighten.
  2. By the legs bent in knees do inclinations in one, then in other side, without tearing off feet from the design panel.
  3. At first the right, and then left leg bent in a knee joint serially reach a thorax.
  4. Repeat the previous exercise by two legs at the same time.

Important! It is contraindicated to carry out twisting exercises at an angle more than twenty degrees, to do an inclination turn with weighting.

Evminov's board. A set of exercises for a backbone: video


The complicated actions are shown after the end of the sharp period of a disease or after surgical intervention.

During performance the corner of inclinations and turns increase, we will consider exercises in detail:

  1. Lying on a back, to raise the direct legs compressed together up, to hold 5–10 seconds.
  2. Lying a stomach down, we carry out raising of both legs at a small angle with simultaneous pulling up.
  3. Lying on a back-headed down, smoothly we raise a body up as at exercise on a press, smoothly we fall.

Pay attention to exercises for relaxation of muscles of a back, exercise with a fitball for a back, to yogi for a back and a backbone.


Preventive charging allows to increase both degree of loading, and a design tilt angle.

Most effectively the following actions stretch a back:

  1. Lying on a stomach, we hold handles. A body not movably, and legs rise up, trying to reach heels buttocks. In an extreme point be late for 5–10 seconds, then a reset.
  2. Lying on a back, keeping for hand-rail, we carry out raising of both legs to situation at right angle.
  3. In the same situation serially we touch area of a breast by a knee.
  4. The same pose, the legs bent in a knee joint we incline to the right-to the left.
  5. Lying on a back-headed down we make slow raising of the case with the hands put on a nape.

Exercises for a backbone on Evminov's board: video the Orthopedic exercise machine is applied at many problems with a back. Competently picked up course of charging will help to restore even the most started situations, it is only important to observe the recommendations of the expert and the rule of performance of physical actions.

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