How it is correct to receive the L-carnitine?

How it is correct to receive the L-carnitine?

The substance L-carnitine was discovered more than 100 years ago. Over it conducted the lot of researches. It is the natural component which contains in the human body. Also it is the part of fish, meat, milk and the bird. The L-carnitine is not the zhiroszhigatel, but he participates in the course of processing of fats in energy.

Why to receive the l-carnitine

The L-carnitine is very important and useful amino acid. It is produced in the liver and comes to the organism with some food. Unfortunately, this quantity of the l-carnitine isn't enough even for the person who doesn't play sports. In day the average person needs about 300 mg, and such quantity of the carnitine contains in 1 kg of meat.

The main function of the l-carnitine – the direction of fats in the mitochondrion of cages for their transformation to energy. In addition, it improves work of cardiovascular and nervous system. It slows down processes of aging in the brain.

The L-carnitine detains in the organism of squirrels therefore it will be able to support your muscles in the tone even during the diet. He will make you is more hardy at the training and will help your muscles to be restored quicker.

L-carnitine dosage

First of all, it is necessary to understand that if you receive the l-carnitine in the form of additive, but you won't adhere to the diet and to play sports, then you won't manage to lose weight. That excess weight leaves quickly and forever, the integrated approach is necessary: sport, l-carnitine and diet. It is necessary to receive additive courses. One course has to last 4-8 weeks. After that take the two-week break, and then resume reception. You will find the good selection of the l-carnitine in shops of sports food. It is issued in the form of tablets, sports drinks, gelatin capsules, sports chocolate and the concentrate. The liquid carnitine is acquired very quickly, but very often in its structure there are sweeteners, concentrates and other hazardous substances. The cost of such drinks is higher therefore it is better to buy the carnitine in tablets. If you play sports, your dose of the carnitine in day has to make 500-3000 mg, depending on body weight. Researches proved that reception of the carnitine even on 15000 mg a day doesn't result in side effects, but such high doses to you to anything. On packing of any carnitine the daily dosage will be specified. Different producers differently recommend to take their drug. Some advise to drink the carnitine only in training days, and some – daily on twice a day. Don't receive the carnitine on the hungry stomach. It, as well as any other amino acid, can break the intestinal microflora. The carnitine is the addition to the diet and sports activities. It will help to accelerate result if you overeat and don't miss the training. Remember that it is only additive therefore it is impossible to lower hands and to wait until the carnitine makes everything for you.

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