How many times a week it is possible to swing the biceps

How many times a week it is possible to swing the biceps

The training of hands and increase in volume of the biceps, triceps and forearm makes sense only when the correct mode of trainings, food and the dream is observed. What to do to receive the maximum from the biceps training, and time spent in gyms was not for nothing spent?

Principle of increase in volume of muscles

Before explaining approach to trainings, it is worth paying attention to basic concepts about process of set of muscle bulk.

The opportunity to gain serious muscle bulk appears only when the individual seeks to live in the certain mode: to eat the food, necessary for the set of weight, to sleep the necessary number of hours in day and to perform exercises from which it is possible to receive the maximum return.

The main principle of any bodybuilder is the principle of ""3 points"": food, dream, training. Each of these points gives approximately 33% from 99% in which the remained one percent is something between good luck or enormous diligence.

Hardly it is possible to meet the professional weight-lifter or the bodybuilder who would train the same muscle very often within the week - some work on one muscle only once in 10-14 days. The thing is that from six to nine days last complete recovery and growth of muscle tissues after their damage which happens during the trainings. The biceps as the muscle of rather esthetic purpose, than physiological, grows on an equal basis with all over - there is no opportunity to pump up the 70-centimeter biceps, at the same time having thin legs and the neck. The standard program element for pumping of the biceps is 2-3 exercises for one training a week, the number of approaches and repetitions in which can strongly vary depending on the purposes and types of exercises.

For people who don't gain weight and are on the course of ""drying"", there is the difference in number of approaches and repetitions of the exercises performed on the biceps - they swing it more to dry up muscle tissues and to get the relief.

Split program as one of ways of the rating of the body

The program proved Split as the ideal program for bodybuilders beginners and professionals. All her genius - in simplicity: at each training in the week it is possible to swing only different muscles (except the press), without performing the same exercises.

As practice of many athletes shows, the Split program helps to achieve not only weight reduction, but also harmonious and proportional increase in volume of muscles of the athlete.

According to the content of the majority the Split programs, the biceps is pumped over together with the triceps or separately from all other muscles of hands. Attention: during the training it is impossible to work only with one part of the body - it is necessary to select harmoniously certain types of the muscle of all parts of the body - in one day to pump over the forearm, the breast and the back, in another - to pump over quadriceps, bicepses and the neck with the press, etc. Only following to this rule will allow to exercise harmoniously muscle - frequent work on the same part of the body will exhaust it, without having given the chance to be restored before the next training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team