How soon to wait for results from visit of gym

How soon to wait for results from visit of gym

Beginning to visit the gym, there is a wish to see result of the works as soon as possible. But not always the desirable effect comes quickly. Also put here not only in number of occupations in the week, but also in healthy nutrition and also specific features of the organism.

When to wait for result from occupations

Beginning to play sports, people pursue the definite purpose: someone wants to throw off extra kilos, others I dream to have the beautiful and relief body, and the third just love active occupations. Therefore each person will have the individual program of trainings directed to achievements of the objective. Results from occupations will appear at different times.

Those people who want to reduce excess weight should pay the main attention to cardiovascular machines: to the racetrack, ellipse, exercise bike, stepper and others. It is recommended to be engaged 45-60 minutes. This time is necessary for burning of excess calories and weight loss. The optimum number of trainings in the week – 5. If there is free time, it is possible to be engaged daily, it is in that case better to alternate exercise machines that it didn't become boring. As the option – 6 days a week to be engaged on any of units of the cardioline and to devote one more day to swimming in the pool. At strict visit of occupations and healthy nutrition the result from trainings can be seen in 2-3 weeks. Most likely, weight will change slightly, but volumes will decrease.

If the person doesn't suffer from excess weight, and just wants to tighten the body, to make muscles more noticeable, it will be helped by power trainings. 2-3 times a week with the break at 24 o'clock are recommended to carry out them. It is necessary for recovery of muscles so much. At one training it is necessary to study the certain part of the body, you shouldn't try to be in time all and at once. Nothing good from this will leave. At the correct approach to power trainings and also the balanced food it is possible to see the first result in 6-8 weeks. But It should be notedIt should be noted the fact that muscles develop with the different speed. So, muscles of hands "will grow" quicker, than, for example, the first cubes of the press will appear. It is necessary to tellIt is necessary to tell still and about those who want at the same time both to lose weight and to bring muscles into the tone. For such people the optimal variant of trainings – 2 power occupations and 2 kardio the set in the week. They will be able to see result in 4-6 weeks. But with the condition of healthy nutrition and regular jobs. By the way, whatever aim pursued the person, visiting the gym to see the result, it is recommended to be weighed and do once a week measurements of the stomach, hips, breasts, etc.

How to eat to accelerate process

Those who fights against excess weight need to pass to healthy nutrition. The refusal from sweet, flour, fat, fast-foot and other junk food – is obligatory. Before the cardiotraining it is desirable not to eat 2 hours. If hunger very strong, it is worth having a bite something proteinaceous, without carbohydrates. For example, small piece of meat, fish or couple of spoons of cottage cheese. After the training the People who are engaged in power trainings, opposite should refrain from food at least on hour, for the hour prior to occupation it is necessary to be supported with complex carbohydrates. Any porridge in the welded look – excellent option. And in 20-60 minutes after the training ended, it is necessary to eat something proteinaceous. It can be both protein cocktail, and skim cheese or boiled chicken breast.

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