How to become conscious by means of meditation

How to become conscious by means of meditation

Meditation is the special spirituality aimed at the development of mindfulness, suppression of stressful emotions and strengthening of immunity. Occupations meditation have the set of the positive aspects which are effectively influencing work of the human body. Therefore if you decided to try the practical training on meditation, then made the right choice in favor of the healthy lifestyle and self-development. The main thing is to be engaged regularly and to give all itself to this type of practice.

If you still carry out huge amount of time in the dreams, but not in real life, so you aren't rather conscious. Fortunately, mindfulness it is possible and it is necessary to train, and meditation - the excellent assistant in this case. It is scientifically proved that, exactly being engaged in meditation, the person becomes healthier, conscious and perfect. Therefore each of us needs to resort to spirituality every day the life. 

From what to begin to be engaged in meditation for development of mindfulness? First of all it is necessary to learn to concentrate on something. You can do it by means of the mantra, own breath, creation in the consciousness of certain images (for example, geometrical figures). No matter, that you chose from this list, the main thing is to learn to be focused on it during meditation. When you begin to notice that your consciousness was defocused, I will strike after you realized it, return to the sending point, that is in the venue which you fixed in the consciousness for concentration. 

How does it work at practice? Having decided on on what you will concentrate (breath, the image, the subject), it is necessary to come to practical actions. Sit down in the pose, convenient for you. Professionals recommend to be engaged in the pose of ""lotus"", but according to nedavny researches it is possible to do meditative exercises, being in any situation, comfortable for you. Further concentrate on the venue of concentration and breath, tracing each breath and the exhalation. If you aren't able to do it, then just think of the breath. 

Where to be engaged in meditation and how long? Find the quiet place, houses or outdoors. Sit down or strike the convenient pose. Mark to start only 5 minutes on the timer. Focus on the breath, feel where you feel it (in lips, the breast, the stomach). If you can't feel it, then put the hand on the body, and it, rising and falling, will say to you about how you breathe. Just try to watch within 5 minutes each breath and the exhalation, without thinking of anything the friend. If you after all distracted, don't despair. It is normal for beginners. Just at once come back to meditative states and continue to kontsenrirovatsya.

How at any time to return to the conscious state and to get rid of emotional discomfort? Even if you are on study, work or in the trip, you can use meditation to remain conscious. For this purpose it is necessary to hold only the mini-session of meditation which length will be about 1 minute. You can not close eyes and not leave from society. Simply skontsenriruytes on breath, without thinking of anything more. And when you will return to normal life again, will see that your problems were almost completely neutralized.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team