How to burn muscle bulk

How to burn muscle bulk

It is impossible to burn muscles. But if you are concerned by excess volume in the certain part of the body, try "to dry" them. So athletes call process of substitute of fast muscle fibers on slow. Fast fibers are responsible for intensive and short-term loading and have bigger volume. Slow muscle fibers carry out long loading and are responsible for endurance. "Drying" of excessively developed muscles will demand from you great patience.

It is required to you

  • - reduced-protein diet;
  • - exercises on the isolated muscles;
  • - daily trainings;
  • - work on endurance with the minimum weight.


1. Remove all loading from big fast muscles and force to work small weak muscles. Choose the exercise directed to work of one concrete muscle. Forget about general exercises. If for increase in gastrocnemius muscles do squats with the post which involve the large number of different muscular groups at once, then for reduction of volume of calves you should choose the exercise studying these muscles separately. For example, risings on toes.

2. Refuse work with average and heavy weight. Big weight activate fast muscle fibers. Work with free weight too not for you. Perform exercises with the minimum loading or in general without it.

3. Pay all the attention to trainings on endurance. To reduce the volume of concrete muscles, you have to perform such work which will weaken fast muscle fibers and will develop slow. Reduction of volume of muscles can be very boring and painful work, and you should make the lot of efforts to achieve the goal.

4. Carry out one - two exercises on the reduced muscle with the maximum number of repetitions. Two sets on 80-100 times shouldn't become for you the limit. If after performance of the 100-th rising on toes you still had forces, perform exercise further.

5. Train every day. The slow muscle fibers which are responsible for endurance demand the constant low-intensive volume of work. Let performance of two sets with the maximum number of repetitions will become for you the routine daily duty.

6. Reduce amount of the consumed proteins. Squirrels are responsible for growth and recovery of muscles. Your task is to deprive muscle fibers of the medium. In this case, after the frequent and long trainings on endurance, your organism will restore forces, taking away the glycogen from fast muscle fibers. All of you equally them don't involve.

7. After the training use the products containing carbohydrates. Pasta, grain, potatoes – here what you are able to afford after classes. Proteins can be used only three-four hours later.

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