How to carry out relay

How to carry out relay

Track and field athletics competitions always drew attention of spectators partly and therefore that on them there pass relays. It is command discipline which demands coordination of collective, the correct preparation and the organization.

It is required to you

  • - shipovka;
  • - sports suit;
  • - stop watch;
  • - stadium;
  • - baton;
  • - start list.


1. Appoint date of relay. Athletes and coaches always have to foreknow for what term to prepare. Hold several trainings of sprint character. If it is relay of 4х100 m, then give the task to the players to run 10-15 pieces on 100 m through 100 m the trot. If it is heavy, then – through 200 m. During this time breath has to be restored and become more active muscles for work. If the task to run 4х400 m, then pieces is necessary and have to be on 400 m – not less than 10 accelerations.

2. Hold several precompetitive runnings. The stick pass training has to be the next stage of preparation for relay that isn't less important, than cross or high-speed preparation. The victory or defeat of collective will also depend on it, if someone drops the stick on the distance, the team will be removed from competitions. So, teach passing the stick to hold it strong in the right hand, and receiving – to expose the hand back and to take away it. It is also important to ottrenirovat feeling of the distance: ahead the standing athlete has to begin to the pass acceleration, and - to run the second slightly forward.

3. Be convinced of that each athlete well warmed up and it is ready to act. Already on the eve of the competitions track that participants of relay ran the small cross-country on stadium (no more than 2-3 km). Then - several warm-up and running exercises also worked with the stick pass as it is specified in the previous step. Now they have no right for the mistake. Make substitute in structure if someone badly copes with the pass or reception of the baton. All have to be up in arm.

4. Arrange each athlete at the predetermined stage cut-off. Give start to the running. Track that the baton was passed in the taken-away "corridor". Usually, it is 5-10 meters between the passing and receiving athlete. Sum up the relay results. Award winners and prize-winners.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team