How to choose bookmaker office

How to choose bookmaker office

The choice of good and reliable bookmaker office – the important question for those who are going to stake. Not to be mistaken with the choice, it is necessary to take several main criteria in attention.


1. Be convinced of reliability of bookmaker office. The correct calculation of rates, honest and timely payments – here the main requirements to which there has to correspond any bookmaker office. Ratings and responses of players which you will be able to find in the Internet will help to estimate work of any given office to you.

2. Check the contact information. On the website of solid bookmaker office you will be able to find full information on the organization, including phone, the legal address, e-mail, the fax. Try to call by the specified phone, check, the support service how quickly works.

3. Learn possible options of input and output of means. Large bookmaker offices care for convenience of clients and offer the wide choice of payment service providers. Existence of the opportunity to register payment by bank transfer will be one of signs of reliability of office. Not superfluous will be to learn also terms during which input and output of means is made.

4. Study coefficients. Coefficients have to be not below the average value. At the same time consider that to win against the bookmaker with coefficient on equal chances less than 1.85 it is almost impossible. It doesn't make sense to work with office if the margin makes more than 7.5%.

5. Pay attention to the line of rates. The wide line of rates speaks about success of bookmaker office. If you see that the office offers rates only on the main events, most likely, its management is aimed only at obtaining own benefit. Additional rates or as they are called still, paintings ideally have to make not less than 10%. Large bookmaker offices give the chance to stake on the large number of sports events, and it means that here you have every chance and to derive pleasure from the game and to earn.

6. Surely look also at LIVE line volume. Make sure thatMake sure that you accept terms which are offered by this bookmaker office. For example, if you plan to stake on hockey, it makes sense to specify, the office of the rate taking into account the overtime receives or without, and fans of basketball should pay attention to existence of the opportunity to buy in addition odds and the totala.

7. Study rules. It is possible that some conditions will be for you inconvenient. For example, bookmaker offices can set limits on quantity of rates in day.

8. Pay attention to bonuses and actions. For example, in some offices the loyalty program for constant players allowing to reduce over time the size of the commission of the system works.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team