How to develop foot

How to develop foot

Foot of the person - the difficult anatomical structure consisting of 26 flat and wide bones which are connected among themselves by strong sheaves. Traumatic damages of feet, unfortunately, happen quite often, from it nobody is insured. Can be the reason not only kick, circulation on the uneven surface, but also sport professional injuries.


1. The trainings including running exercises or jumps give strong loading to the lower extremities, and the main part of tension is the share of foot. Foot receives and distributes body weight during the movement. How to develop foot if you had imprudence to damage it? There are several ways.

2. The first way is to address in LFK office where the experienced expert will advise you the necessary complex of physical exercises and exercise machines.

3. The second way is to buy the exercise machine for rehabilitation after injuries. The adjustable system of loadings installed by means of weights of various face value will develop foot.

4. And the third way - gymnastics for feet. Pluses of gymnastics are that it won't take away from you a lot of time and means, is carried out in house conditions. Examples of exercises: Extend legs in a straight line. Within 5 seconds with maximum effort incline feet from yourself. Repeat 5 times; Do the same, but incline feet to yourself, inside and in different directions outside (to the left-to the right); Several times rotate stupnyam on and counterclockwise, don't raise at the same time the leg; Extend Legs, but without tension. With maximum effort within 5 seconds try to move apart toes in the parties on perhaps bigger distance. Repeat 5 times; Extend Legs without tension. With maximum effort within 5 seconds press to the sole all toes at the same time. Repeat 5 times.

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