How to gain weight in short terms

How to gain weight in short terms

Many are interested in how to gain weight in record time. The majority of the strategy allowing to gain weight is based on sports activities for accumulation of muscle bulk. This complex problem, and it lies in the plane of creation of the competent training program and the correct diet.


1. The general principle of sports food – balance of the current body weight, current level of food and level of the received caloric content. You should increase quantity of the consumed products by introduction of additional meals. So you have the thrice mode food, eat on 4-5 times a day, separating meals from each other of equal intervals of time.

2. Don't shun to receive sports food. It is not about anabolic steroids which and food it is impossible to call. The carbohydrate and protein cocktails, useful to the organism, compensating the spent energy, restoring muscle tissue and giving the necessary construction materials for growth of muscles, so and body weight mean. You can change structure of the body, regulating the combination in your food of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

3. Dealt with food. Let's pass to trainings. Exercises with weights help to stimulate metabolism, influencing the metabolism. The stronger your muscles are loaded, the internal mechanism of muscle growth is started quicker. Trainings are followed by quite clear desire to be supported, having correctly satisfied which you and receive growth of your muscles.

4. It is enumerable the basic principles of trainings for the set of weight. Total time of one training in the hall has to make 40-60 minutes. Such long training leads to desirable burning of energy. Time between approaches has to be 60-90 seconds. The maximum effect can be reached at high intensity, "dragging" at the same time smaller weight.

5. For successful and rapid growth of muscle bulk 2-3 trainings a week there are enough. Growth of muscle bulk depends not on that, what is the time you see off in the hall, and from degree of load of muscles during the training.

6. Surely include general exercises in the program. They involve big groups of muscles. It squats, horizontal press and other exercises. Perfectly dumbbells habitual to all and posts help with business of set of weight. And by means of exercise machines you can already grind the relief, loading separate groups of muscles.

7. After the training eat food containing carbohydrates or carbon cocktail. Proteins are extremely desirable. It is possible to receive the so-called geyner – mix of proteins and carbohydrates.

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