How to gather before fight

How to gather before fight

Any athlete worries before the match. There are several ways to cope with nervousness, to be adjusted on fight. It is important to train himself not only physically, but also psychologically.

Occupations single combats lead to the fact that it is necessary to compete at competitions, confirming the level, storming new tops. Each next match demands not only physical, but also mental conditioning. Any, even the strongest athlete experiences nervousness and the share of fear of the match. It prevents to gain the victory as in fight the clearness of movements and cold of mind is important.

There is the number of rules, following which, it is possible to be adjusted before fight.

The basic rules on the eve of the match

First, it is impossible even to call internally fear the nervousness, nervous trembling on the eve of the match. It isn't necessary to speak "I am afraid", "to me it is terrible". Remember that even the horse before the running shivers. As soon as the match begins, at the correct spirit all excess emotions leave. Secondly, it isn't necessary to adjust itself on what you have to win at any cost against. It can lead to emotional burn-out. Any match – only the part of the course of life. Even defeat can be more useful to career, than the victory. Besides, there are no invincible fighters, and everyone can get beaten. Thirdly, try to treat with irony yourself, to all situation. Well the smile, the tune of the cheerful song helps. Too serious relation to the forthcoming fight will play the dirty trick. The body can become held down, disobedient. Fourthly, you treat the competition as the holiday at which one of leading roles is allocated for you. Remember that after fight always there occurs psychological relaxation. Try to think of it, but not of how you will come to it. On the eve of fight it is the best of all not to think of the forthcoming match at all. Long walk in the forest, the visit of cinema, the zoo, theater will remove nervousness. If darling is near, he will surely add self-confidence, will help to remove stress presence. It is possible to eat something tasty. It will also help to raise the level of endorphins.

Practical advice

It is very important to sleep well before fight. Naturally, the dream will come not at once. It is possible to drink the motherwort or infusion of the valerian. In day of competitions don't pay attention to the surrounding situation. Best of all you don't watch other fights and don't try to learn with which of opponents it is necessary to fight. Everything is good in its season. It is worth being adjusted not earlier, than in 15 minutes prior to the match. If competitions drag on, for maintenance of the tone and removal of tension it is possible to walk out of the room where fights are arranged. If nervousness rises, it is possible to ask the partner in trainings to make massage of the neck and upper back. It is also possible to drink cold water, but small drinks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team