"How to increase the volume of lungs: exercises useful to the recommendation

"How to increase the volume of lungs: exercises useful to the recommendation

Aerobic sports, such as run, cycle loadings, rowing, swimming, demand expenses of a large amount of oxygen. That the organism maintained considerable respiratory loadings, the athlete has to have healthy lungs. Specific capacity of lungs is a characteristic which can be improved by regular trainings. In this article techniques of increase in pulmonary volume, factors which influence health of a respiratory system, and ways of measurement of capacity of lungs will be considered.

Why to increase the volume of lungs

Many consider that the size of lungs is a constant which is defined by heredity. Actually, this indicator can be changed by means of special exercises.

They are practiced both professional athletes, and the people interested in maintenance of own health. These exercises:

  • improve oxygen exchange. In a cavity of lungs there takes place blood saturation by oxygen and its clarification. The more the size of this cavity, the more intensively occurs cleaning. Work of a brain improves, the intensity of oxidation-reduction processes increases, the organism rejuvenates and becomes stronger;
  • increase the level of endurance and give force. In professional sport there is a concept "explosive force". It is the instant force of a push which is shown on exercise start. Muscles which are well supplied with oxygen will be always strong and hardy;
  • improve appearance of a figure. At men the torso becomes larger also massivny, shoulders visually extend. The female figure gains refinement — a narrow waist, a high breast, an equal back.

Important! Be engaged in physical activity in well aired (not conditioned) room or outdoors. The conditioned air dries up mucous membranes of nasal ways and increases risk of developing of a SARS.

The factors influencing

Physical parameters of a human body are influenced not only by heredity. Habits, a way of life, state of environment — all this causes a condition of a respiratory system.




At children aged up to 12 years the frequency of respiratory movements is higher, than at adults — thus they compensate the smaller volume of lungs.


Both the weight, and volume of pulmonary bags at men are on average higher, than at women.


The more human height, the longer it the thorax is more than the capacity of the lungs placed in it.


The uterus growing in an abdominal cavity together with a fruit puts pressure upon pulmonary bags and slightly reduces them in a size.

Way of life

The active lifestyle providing frequent physical activities provides high respiratory activity, a constant training of lungs and increase in their capacity.

Nicotine addiction

Leads to subsidence of sticky pitches on a mucous membrane of lungs and bronchial tubes and, as a result, to their reduction and decrease in conductivity of pulmonary walls.

Place of residence

Than above the territory is above sea level, especially air is rarefied in it. Respectively, the bigger intake of air is required during a breath to oxygenate an organism. Those people who live in the hilly terrain have the volume of lungs much more, than those which live approximately at sea level.


Workers who are busy from sports to the sphere and those who earn to themselves a living by physical work have the developed respiratory system. At the same time representatives of mining and metallurgical industry often have problems with lungs because of the increased unhealthy work conditions.

How to measure the volume of lungs

On a question whether it is possible to measure the capacity of lungs in house conditions, the answer will be affirmative. There are several easy ways to measure this parameter. Simple measuring tools and some household objects will be necessary for you.

Whether you know? There is a sports discipline under the name "static apnoe". Athletes of this discipline compete in a breath delay under water. The new record in this area was set by the resident of Croatia by the name of Budimir Shobat. At the beginning of 2018 it sustained under water 24 minutes and 11 seconds, having surpassed by that a record of the predecessor of the Spaniard for the whole 8 seconds. Athletes achieve such amazing results by ventilation of lungs pure balloon oxygen shortly before start and involvement special physical the practician.


The first way represents measurement of volume of the exhaled air by means of a balloon of round shape. Stretch a ball and level it. Gather full lungs of air, press a ball to lips and exhale so that to fill it with air.

Put a ruler vertically divisions up and apply to it a ball, since a zero mark.


The following method is based on the principle of replacement of water. Gather air in the same way, as the last way, in a tight package. Densely tie it, put it from above on the deep pan filled with water to the brim.

From above on a package place a wide board and gradually press it so that it plunged into a bowl completely. Get a package from a pan and a volumetric glass add in it water while level does not rise to the brim again. The amount of the forced-out and added water will equal to amount of air which is in a package.

Get acquainted with bases of the correct breath.

Plastic bottle

Fill with water a bottle of the big size (not less than 4 l). Insert a flexible thin hose into a neck, gather water in a tall glass. Clamp a neck fingers, turn a bottle with a hose and insert it into a glass.

Gather air in lungs to a limit and with a force exhale — air will force out the water gathered in a bottle. Take a bottle from a glass, previously having clamped its neck, add water to the brim and count its volume.

How to measure the volume of lungs: video

Increase techniques

The physical activity is the best way to strengthen a respiratory system, to increase the volume of pulmonary bags and to improve circulation of blood in them.

Useful occupations

Exercises of a certain type which render aerobic load of an organism concern them. Power exercises do not give the necessary effect, it is necessary to perform the following tasks.

It is important! If you feel that you begin to choke and open a mouth to gather more air, reduce the rate of performance of exercise. It will be better if you keep the correct breath and perform a task on average speed — such equipment trains endurance more effectively.


Run pay special attention at occupations to breath. The style of breath helps to develop pulmonary bags and to increase amount of the inhaled air. You breathe only through a nose, gather air smoothly and gradually, likewise exhale. If you begin to gather air a mouth, then the organism experiences oxygen starvation, and you need to slow down. Take a breath and an exhalation through each two steps. Such frequency does not cause short wind and trains pulmonary muscles. Expand the lower part of a thorax and a stomach that lungs pulled a diaphragm down. Superficial chest breath is not suitable for these trainings.

Driving the bicycle

The driving speed is higher, the more intensively there is a heart rate, and, respectively, the amount of the consumed oxygen increases. Inhale so that each breath and an exhalation fell on two turns of pedals at the fast rate of driving and on three — at average and slow.

You breathe not really deeply that at you the head did not begin to spin, but try to gather more air, than it is habitual for you, at each breath.

Learn that such holotropny breath.


In this type of activity the parity is important. Coordinate a breath rhythm with the quantity of the sliding movements. Take a breath either on every second, or on every fourth sliding depending on the rate of movement. As ski driving is possible only in cold season, remember that it is necessary to breathe only through a nose. If you only begin trainings and constantly get off on oral breath, tie a mouth a scarf that it saved your respiratory system from overcooling.


Does not provide natural deepening of breaths therefore it is necessary to control independently breath and to displace it to the area of a navel. Round a stomach when skating, gather air due to expansion of a diaphragm and a breath "in a stomach". Inhale at the movement on the left leg, and exhale at a step on right that at you did not begin to have a stitch in the side.

Whether you know? On average the human body takes about 200 thousand breaths and exhalations daily. The year sum of respiratory movements at the same time exceeds figure in 8 million, and this process is autonomous. It is started reflex at the birth, and during all life is not controlled by the central nervous system consciously. As the average volume of human lungs is 5–6 liters, through them is daily pumped over up to 10 thousand liters of air.


The training of a respiratory system in this sport coincides with a training in ski sport. The difference consists in breath when firing. It demands complete control over the body and also abilities to carry out deep diafragmalny breath. In biathlon it is necessary to gather air down, "in a navel", and for three exhalations to reduce breath practically to zero to make the concentrated shot.


The rhythm of breaths and fungi in this type of activity are synchronized. If you move at low speed, gather air quickly at the very end of a grebk, and then smoothly exhale it during a grebk.

If you row intensively, then take a sharp breath and an exhalation at an entrance, and then carry out a fungus on a breath delay. It helps to train pulmonary muscles and to update air for short reduction of pulmonary bags.

Pay attention to breathing exercises: across Strelnikova, in "the Kalmyk yoga" and an oksisayza.

Features of breath

There are several ways of breath which differ among themselves on technology of performance and depth.


The diaphragm is a partition from direct muscles which divides chest and belly departments of the case. She stretches and moves down when lungs extend at a breath.

Diafragmalny breath promotes increase in volume of lungs at the expense of a constant set of a significant amount of air. By nature this type is peculiar to men whereas women expand the top, chest part of the building at a breath.

  1. To train this type of breath, sit down exactly on a firm surface and slowly gather air. Feel the movement of this partition in the case, try to expand it, giving down and to return in former situation. Now lay down on a back, place to yourself on the top part of a stomach the book and you breathe so that the book smoothly rose and fell.
  2. Complicate a task — fall to a knee and elbow pose, weaken the case, open a mouth and quickly, often you breathe with language outside as it is done by dogs.
  3. To calm a respiratory system, rise, close eyes and try to gather as little as possible air, and then to imperceptibly exhale it. When the organism begins to suffer a shortage of oxygen, you will feel reduction of a diaphragm. Make a smooth deep breath, try to hold feeling of a diaphragm which extends and is gradually reduced on an exhalation.

Important! Consider that the hyperventilation leads to dizzinesses and faints therefore as soon as you feel noise in ears, stop performance of breathing exercise.

With the pursed lips

This technique allows to struggle effectively with short wind and to control the frequency of breaths and exhalations. To execute this exercise, sit down on a stool, put hands palms on hips. Densely squeeze lips and strain them, leaving between them a narrow crack. Begin with effort to inhale and exhale air with the hissing sounds through the remained crack, carry out a breath and an exhalation into four accounts.

Increase exercise duration gradually, since four minutes and increasing it for two minutes weekly up to ten minutes.

Examine breathing exercises for children of preschool age.

Development of costal muscles

Costal muscles are responsible for smooth expansion and compression of a thorax at breath implementation. Their training and development leads to the best control over breath and strengthening of a respiratory system.

  1. Get up exactly or sit down on a firm surface and straighten a back. Do sharp and frequent respiratory movements for one-two minutes. Depth of breaths at the same time is not important, important the frequency with which you breathe. Be careful — control the health. As soon as you have a noise in ears or dark dots before eyes, stop exercise.
  2. As much as possible exhale air to the pulling feeling in a diaphragm. Take him gradual pushes (3–4 pushes). In the top point of exercise hold the breath so long as far as you can. Sharply exhale and repeat sequence.
  3. Smoothly exhale ten into the account, then hold the breath and exhale a little more. Repeat so to a limit of opportunities of lungs. Repeat the same sequence for a breath.

Healthy nutrition

In the course of restoration and strengthening of an organism much attention needs to be paid to correctness of food. Eat not later than three hours to a dream that all food which you ate managed to be digested.

Begin morning with not a plentiful, but nourishing breakfast that all necessary nutrients got to a blood-groove, and erythrocytes began to transfer oxygen actively.

Whether you know? The pair respiratory organ, lungs, received the name thanks to the fact that it is the only body of a human body which does not sink in water. Contrary to popular belief, two halves of lungs differ from each other by the size. The left lung is always insignificant less right as in a thorax there has to be a place for heart.

Eat the products rich with protein, iron consume complex carbohydrates. Enter low-fat fish, beef, a turkey into a diet. Daily eat bean, nuts, sunflower seeds.

Replace store sweets with dried fruits, such as dried apricots, dates, dark raisin and prunes. From vegetable cultures give preference to broccoli, potatoes in uniforms, to spinach, tomatoes, surely eat a citrus and grenades. Exclude excessively fat, fried and salty products from a diet. Tell "no" to fast food and alcohol, reduce quantity of the smoked cigarettes to a minimum, and after refuse them at all.

Make a diet and adhere to it that the organism ate food in time determined for this purpose. Instead of having a snack do short warm-up and drink two glasses of water to fill moisture loss.

Learn whether it is possible to do harm to an organism water drink.

Additional councils

The following subtleties will help you to develop the correct respiratory habits and to strengthen own organism in short terms:

  1. You sleep with open windows. If on the street it is cold, take cover an additional blanket and you breathe fresh air.
  2. Air the room in which you work, everyone half an hour. If there is no such opportunity, take a short break and look out on the street.
  3. Retrain yourself from chest breath on belly. Regularly do diafragmalny breath exercises.
  4. You breathe exactly, quietly, control yourself even in stressful situations.
  5. Avoid breath by a mouth. In a nasal cavity air is cleaned, disinfected and warmed. You to an uberezhyota from infectious diseases and overcooling.
  6. Such allergens as dust, skin particles, dirt and pollen, provoke respiratory diseases. Do damp cleaning in the house at least once in two days.
  7. You hold an equal bearing. It supports lungs in the straightened state and provides a set of large volumes of air.

Breathing exercises on increase in volume of lungs: video

Increase in volume of lungs is necessary for maintenance of an organism in a healthy state and increases in his endurance. There are various active exercises promoting improvement of a respiratory system. Their regular performance needs to be combined with the healthy principle of food for achievement of the best results.

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