How to learn skating stride on skis

How to learn skating stride on skis

For most of nonprofessional skiers, as a rule, young and just wishing to drive on them, skating stride is considered ideal option for implementation of the intimate dream. As most of people just don't want to walk on skis, for example, in the forest, and wish to ride with the breeze, going down from mountain tops, or making runs from abrupt springboards.

It is required to you

  • - skis;
  • - snow;
  • - instructor


1. In the beginning training in ridge walking it isn't recommended to throw out sticks far ahead, as a rule, in those cases if you need to rise uphill. For this purpose it is the best of all for the beginning skier to apply ski sticks to balance maintenance, if necessary throwing on them body weight. Then the skier will need to lift the main part of the body on the certain height, throwing out at the same time sticks far before itself not to fall. Thus, the corner between sticks and ground level will be quite big for successful transfer of own body weight on sticks and continuations of the movement.

2. Further hands with sticks for skis need to be held near the person, having slightly parted elbows in the different ends. The it is less than a distance to the body from your hands with ski sticks, the it is simpler to you to throw body weight. After that also the speed of the movement will increase. Then to be necessary for you many forces and energy as skating stride very strongly exhausts all organism.

3. It is very important to pick up correctly sticks for skis. Length of ski sticks shouldn't exceed height of your chin, also it shouldn't be above your upper lip during transfer of all body weight on skis. Training in the correct skating stride requires excellent training of various groups of muscles. In addition also skills from other sports disciplines won't prevent. First of all, it is necessary to try and make all efforts for achievement of own purpose. If you are able to overcome all barriers for the sake of the cherished dream - to go skiing quickly and beautifully, then the excellent figure and excellent mood will be by all means provided to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team