How to learn to rise on the split

How to learn to rise on the split

To learn to stretch out really at any age. Diligently performing stretching exercises, in 2 – 3 months it is possible to brag of the flexible body, the tone of muscles and good health.


1. Put on the elastic fitting clothes that it didn't hold down the movement, and to you in it it was comfortable. Begin the training with warming up of muscles. Jump through the jump rope or quickly you resemble, actively to the poprisedayta of minutes 5 – 10.

2. Sit down on the floor, extend legs. Reach hands toes, at the same time don't curve the back, advance the breast. Be late in such provision 20 – 30 minutes. Repeat the same exercise, but alternately bend the right and left legs.

3. Rise and place legs on width of shoulders. Take out the left knee aside up, the left hand take foot. Pull the body up. Then bend forward, connect hands behind the back in the lock, having taken the extended knee, and pull it as it is possible above. Return to the home position and repeat exercise in other party.

4. Arrange legs at right angle in the sitting position – one leg is located directly, and another is set aside aside, the back at the same time the straight line. In 30 seconds change legs. Then raise them up by 90 degrees, extend the body forward, you hold the back directly, don't bend.

5. Carry out swings the straight leg aside, trying to raise the leg above each time. Throw the leg on the table or the Swedish wall and bend to the floor, to the sock of the raised leg. Then change legs.

6. Lunge at right angle forward one leg, and lift another parallel to the floor for 30 – 60 seconds. Now pull the leg forward and be late for the minute. Change legs and repeat exercise.

7. Lay down on the floor about the wall and raise legs up, placing them in different directions. Pull feet down. Rise and straighten the back, bend one leg forward, and pull another back. Later change legs.

8. Place widely legs, develop socks in the parties. Try to sit down most deeply, bend forward and put hands on the floor. Transfer weight to hands, curve the back, raise the head a little up and part legs in the parties as it is possible more widely. After such exercise try to stretch out, each time falling below and below.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team