How to play pioneerball

How to play pioneerball

This game is known to much since the childhood. Officially its rules aren't registered anywhere therefore they are created by players. Naturally, the pioneerball has the number of obligatory installations, and nuances are improved players already in process.


1. In pioneerball play in the street in the yard. Both adults, and school students of initial classes participate in this game with pleasure. Everything what to be necessary for the game – the goal net, the volleyball and two teams from 3 to 8 people in everyone. Rules of pioneerball very much remind volleyball, but the main difference that the ball needs be not to returned, and to catch.

2. Teams become on both sides of the tense goal net. The game begins with cross which is made behind the line of the field. At the same time opponents need to throw the ball through the goal net. It is caught and thrown back, it is desirable in poorly defended place. Players can "insure" each other and approach the goal net, but with the ball in hands it is impossible to make more than three steps. Otherwise the score will change on one point in favor of the opposing team.

3. Other player can pass the ball on command only once. Two and more contacts of the ball are set off as the point. Draw continues until it doesn't concern the earth. That team in the territory of which the ball concerned the earth receives the point. If it departed for the line of the field of the opponent, and the contact of hands wasn't, then the point is set off to that team which served. If the contact happened – that whose player touched the ball. If the ball departs for the line of the field from the player, then to team the point is set off. The game continues up to 25 points, then teams are interchanged the position. In case of the score 1:1 after two parties there has to be decisive the third.

4. Before you the basic rules of the game though its options there can be the weight. For example, pioneerball with two balls. The number of players can be more, than in the ordinary game. Both balls are thrown from one field on another, but so that on one of them there were no two balls at the same time. For it the point is set off. For the rest – draw continues until the ball doesn't concern the earth or other obligations of traditional pioneerball won't be violated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team