How to pump up cervical muscles

How to pump up cervical muscles

Strong neck - it is beautiful. Strange the athlete with good muscles and the chicken neck looks. And in the summer it you won't hide behind the high collar. Besides strong muscles of the neck not of one person helped out in injury-causing situations. They defend in loadings and kicks the weakest department of the backbone – cervical. In a word, muscles of the neck should be strengthened.

It is required to you

  • - post;
  • - dumbbells;
  • - pancake from the post;
  • - towel;
  • - gymnastic rug;
  • - gymnastic bench.


1. Any power exercises for muscles of the neck need to be begun with warm-up. Get up directly, freely lower hands along the body, the back direct. Carry out the ducking back and forth and to the right-to the left. All movements have to be fluent and slow. Don't allow sharp breakthroughs and turns.

2. Lay down the back on the gymnastic bench, so that shoulders lay on the bench, and the head and the neck played for the edge. Put on the forehead pancake from the post. For convenience under burdening it is possible to enclose the towel. Hold cargo with hands. Slowly hang the head, stretching muscles of the front surface of the neck. Then also slowly and smoothly raise the head as it is possible above. Execute 10-12 movements up-down. Then turn over on the stomach, put cargo on the nape and execute similar rises, loading the back surface of muscles of the neck.

3. Sit down on the floor or on the gymnastic bench. Put hands on the nape and slightly bend the head, having tightened the chin to the breast. Try to raise the head, overcoming resistance of own hands. Hold the muscle tension within 1-2 minutes, and then take the break for 30 seconds. Repeat exercise. In the same way work side muscles of the neck. Be very accurate, you don't press too strongly.

4. Get up directly and pick up dumbbells or the post. Put feet already shoulders, freely lower hands along the body and slightly cross forward. Slightly bend legs in knees. Cramp shovels and slightly bend the waist. You hold the chin directly. The correct setting of the case is very important when performing this exercise. Slowly raise shoulders as it is possible above. Don't help yourself hands, work have to be conducted only at the expense of load of the neck and trapezoid muscles. In the top point be late into two scores and smoothly lower shoulders down. Relax them and feel the tension of muscles under burdening weight. Repeat. Execute three approaches till 10-12 of rises.

5. Having finished exercises for neck muscles, surely execute the extension. It will allow to avoid muscular delayed onset muscle soreness after the training. Sit down directly, you look before yourself. Put the right hand on the head. Try that fingers touched the left ear. Slowly tighten the head to the right shoulder, stretching neck muscles on the left side. At the time of the strongest tension be late for 15-20 seconds, then smoothly return to the home position. Make the extension for the right side in the same way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team