How to pump up legs to the girl

How to pump up legs to the girl

To pump up legs not so easily because muscles of legs are very stubborn – it even the most skilled bodybuilders recognize. To pump up the press, hands and the breast, in comparison with legs – just children's entertainment. And, if legs also arrive in the started state, and process already passed into the stage of cellulitis and flabbiness of muscles, then the way to the rolled and beautiful legs will be long and thorny.


1. For a start remember the old, kind jump rope. It is necessary to do every day hundred double skips, but if it is difficult to you – that don't overload yourself, do how many you will be able. Just increase quantity of jumps each time, and you will soon pump up the legs.

2. One of the most effective exercises are "pistols", it involves practically all groups of muscles of legs. Having extended one leg forward, squat. Do twenty "pistols" on each leg every day, and in few months you don't learn the legs. The back and buttocks will so be tightened. If it is heavy to you to do this exercise, then just squat without pulling of the leg.

3. The following exercise which will help to pump up legs to the girl is lunges. Get up directly if there is the need, then you hold the chair for your balance. Bend the leg in the knee and bring it to the breast, then take the small step forward. It is necessary to watch that the knee didn't leave feet forward. Further return the knee to the breast again. Having done such exercise ten times for one leg, repeat most for another too.

4. When you feel that there will be enough forces for heavier exercises now to pump up legs, go to the gym. Many consider that it is possible to pump up the gastrocnemius muscle only with the post or the weighting compound, and this muscle one of the most visible, and if it too thin, then it should be hidden under jeans. Also in the gym you are waited by one more loyal friend - it is the exercise bike. You shouldn't neglect occupations on it, after several kilometers a day on it, will bring closer you to the desired rolled legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team