How to pump up muscles by means of weights

How to pump up muscles by means of weights

Happens that in the house from available apparatuses there are only pig-iron weights belonging still to your grandfather. Strangely enough, but such elementary tool perfectly will approach to get impressive muscles. Of course, it is already not desirable to have some level of sports preparation, otherwise you will be able just to tear off the 16-kilogram weight from the floor.

It is required to you

  • - elastic roller;
  • - gymnastic bench;
  • - two weights;
  • - talc or magnesia for hands.


1. Sit down on the chair or the gymnastic bench. Legs densely stand on the floor. Take the weight in the right hand, set the right elbow against the hip. And slightly bend forward. Lift the weight to the right shoulder. If the apparatus for you is too heavy, at the initial stage of rise it is possible to help slightly itself the movement of the case. Execute 5-8 rises on the biceps and change the hand.

2. Get up directly. Weights in the lowered hands, watch palms forward. In turn lift weights to shoulder joints up. Try not to help yourself the case. It is admissible only in case of too big weight of apparatuses.

3. Get up directly, legs shoulder width apart, the look before yourself. Take both weights and lift them to shoulder joints. Part elbows in the parties. Smoothly straighten hands, lifting weights over the head. Don't use the jog technique, don't help yourself legs. Try to squeeze out weights to reach the maximum effect.

4. Get up directly. The weight is in the right hand behind the head. The elbow is bent and looks up. Put the left hand on the triceps of right. Slowly carry out extension of the elbow and raising of the weight over the head. The left hand fixes the correct position of the triceps. Perform this exercise only when you achieve certain results in work with weights.

5. Rest the left hand against the seat of the chair or the gymnastic bench. The right hand undertake the handle of the weight standing on the floor. Slightly bend the back and cramp shovels. Slowly tighten the weight to the case. Try that work was carried out generally by back muscles. Execute 5-8 rises and change the hand.

6. Put weights on the floor. Bend forward and undertake handles of apparatuses. Strain the back and cramp shovels. Slowly tighten both weights to the case, and then lower down. Don't change position of the case. Execute 8-10 rises and take the break for one minute. Then execute one more approach.

7. Lay down on the horizontal bench. You hold weights in hand. Palms are turned down, weights lie on forearms. Part elbows in the parties. Smoothly unbend hands and squeeze out both weights from the breast. Don't straighten the elbow in the top point completely to exclude the trauma. Weights have to move in parallel. Execute two approaches till 8-10 of rises.

8. Get up directly. Lift weights to shoulders. Part elbows in the parties. Legs shoulder width apart. Bend slightly the waist and begin to lower the case down as if you sit down on the low chair. Don't tear off the heel from the floor. The below you lower the case, the more there will be load of gluteuses. Return to the home position. Execute so many squats how many you will be able.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team