How to pump up the male breast

How to pump up the male breast

That to the man to pump up pectoral muscles, performance of the complex of special exercises is required. Achievement of desirable effect will demand holding regular trainings. By the way, for occupations it isn't obligatory to visit the gym at all. Exercises can be performed also in house conditions.


1. First, it is possible to be wrung out by means of bars. Try to grasp them so that they surpassed your shoulders in width a little. So, bend legs, surely straighten hands. The case at the same time should be inclined slightly forward. Now slowly fall, but try to part elbows in the parties. Don't make the pause, at once come back to the home position.

2. The bench press will be not less effective also. However It should be notedIt should be noted that it is simpler to perform this exercise in gym (in house conditions is possible too, but to you it will be much more difficult). At first it is necessary to lay down on the floor, it is necessary to pick up dumbbells. It is better to place hands at the level of the breast. Lift dumbbells exactly up, strain pectoral muscles. Lower hands slowly, at all without hurrying. Don't take the break, again repeat exercise. The optimum number of repetitions for one approach is 8-10 times (for beginners there will be enough also 5-8). But don't forget that at the reduced number of repetitions the weight of the lifted dumbbells has to be increased (only this way it is possible to provide the necessary exercise stress). And vice versa: if you do exercise many times, reduce weight. For one training it is necessary to carry out three-four approaches, it isn't less.

3. For increase in pectoral muscles it is useful to be wrung out on the floor. To support the muscle tone, carry out 15-20 repetitions for each approach. The truth don't work too much: the specified number of repetitions is provided only for people in good physical shape. Enough 5-10 times will be the beginner. Increase loading gradually, just add each occupation of 5 repetitions to total.

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