How to pump up wide muscles of the back

How to pump up wide muscles of the back

The broadest (wide) muscles of the back represent superficial muscles which occupy all lower back. They begin with back area of axillary hollows and go down closer to the waist. These are the most important muscles which are taking part in formation of the back. There are certain exercises which will help to achieve excellent result.

  • - post;
  • - bench;
  • - exercise machine (vertical block).

1. Before the training surely do rhythmical warm-up. Thus, you will prepare your muscles for the main loading. It will allow to improve results. Include exercises on development of various groups of muscles in the complex not to slow down the general configuration of the body. For example, stanovy draft, squats, the post press from the prone position, etc.

2. Well develop wide muscles of the back of pulling up on the horizontal bar. Helps to do this exercise their strong. Pullings up can be carried out in various ways: reverse, wide, narrow and ordinary grip. The relief of muscles also will depend on it. In addition, pullings up can be diversified, carrying out them contact with the horizontal bar nape. This exercise helps to stretch muscles in width.

3. Thirst of the post for the breast - effective exercise for the back. It excellently promotes consolidation of wide muscles. Put legs shoulder width apart. Incline the case down. Track that it was parallel to the floor surface. Straighten the back and pick up the post. Accurately bring up her to the middle of the stomach. Slowly lower in the home position. Repeat exercise 10-12 times.

4. For performance of this exercise lay down on the bench the stomach down. The post at this moment has to be under stock. Take it hands and try to tighten to the breast. This option of exercise isn't so dangerous as it is unloaded on the waist.

5. One more widespread exercise for the rating of the broadest muscles of the back - draft of the vertical block. It is similar to pullings up in the impact on the main group of muscles. Sit down directly that the roller with the signature stamp was located over your breast. This necessary condition. Hands clasp the signature stamp with wide grip. Accurately pull it to the breast, throwing back the head a little back. After that smoothly return to the home position. Repeat exercise within 3-5 minutes in 2-3 approaches.

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