How to estimate work of the coach

The professional coach is both the athlete who achieved progress, and the good teacher. At assessment of its professional qualities consider not only results of his pupils, but also features of methods of its work.


1. Sending the child to sports school, parents aspire that this hobby brought both benefit, and joy, and moral satisfaction. But the coach often pursues other aim – to grow up the champion. At the same time he can resort to methods of psychological pressure upon the child. Work of such coach can't be assessed positively. Listen to opinions and to responses of parents of pupils.

2. If you often hear about the special technique of work of the head of section, then try to learn about it as much as possible. But don't put its efficiency in the forefront, sort out what means achieve good results. In case of use of uneducational methods (the intimidation of children, wearisome trainings which aren't corresponding to physiological opportunities the system of sanctions for defeat, etc.) you can estimate actions of the coach sharply negatively.

3. The important criterion for evaluation of work of the coach is the observance of safety rules. If he often leaves children of some in the hall, doesn't monitor existence of the protective wear, negligently treats complaints of children to feeling sick, then the low point for the work deserves.

4. The ability to find individual approach to the child is the integral quality of really good coach. Often many sports heads at early stages select to themselves perspective beginners and only develop their natural abilities. But the appreciation coaches who managed to make the great athlete of the person hopeless at first sight are worthy.

5. And sometimes even in the analysis of work of the coach the opinion of his pupils is not less important decisive. If children with pleasure go to its classes, under its sensitive management effortlessly overcome even the most difficult obstacles and with all the heart thank the coach for support, then this sports teacher is worthy the appreciation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team