Easy way to make curls

Easy way to make curls

Many girls dream of ideal curls, but not always it turns out the effect wishing to reach. Quite often it happens because of use of the curling iron, the hair dryer and other electric means which not only spoil hair, but also untwist curls soon, weakening original form. To make beautiful and natural curls, equipment novelties will not be necessary for you. All you need is, it styling sprays and elastic bands.

Comb hair, having halved. It is not necessary to smooth down locks too. Create natural effect, it is a little pripushiv hair at roots. Best of all at this stage to use wooden hairbrush with big spaces. It will help to prepare ideally your hair for performance of the subsequent actions.

Apply hair cream. If was not in your cosmetic collection of such cream, then it is possible to use easily either usual low-fat cream, or mousse. It is not necessary to put too much the chosen funds for hair and head skin, to encourage rather simply a little your hair at roots and on tips.

Distribute hairspray on all length of locks. Within 5-15 seconds spray means on all sites of your hair, but do not allow their adhesion. You hold varnish at arm's length from the head that your hair have not been excessively greased with this cosmetic product. After putting varnish walk fingers on hair as if combing them.

Braid cones. It is possible to make it, sruchivy spin around one point on the head. As your hair are distributed on two parts, cones has to be also two from both parties. Try to do them hard and strong. After you have braided plait, fix it by elastic band. After zapletaniye of cones it is possible to apply still slightly on them hairspray, but this step is not obligatory for execution, on your hair already enough varnish at all. 

After performance of these simple steps it is necessary to pass with cones on the head of 5-6 hours, and then to smoothly untwine them. You receive ideal and beautiful waves on hair which will hold on long amount of time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team