How to strengthen basin muscles

How to strengthen basin muscles

Practically each woman dreams of the beautiful well-groomed and sound body, but in the course of the trainings they often forget about basin muscles. Actually the training of these muscles is very important as at well developed basin the process of childbirth considerably becomes simpler and also control over the bladder increases that is especially important at more adult age.


1. There is the set of exercises which regular performance considerably will strengthen and will develop basin muscles. Fall by the floor, kneel and lean against the floor to hands. Now unbend one leg in the knee and slowly raise it until the flat line with the backbone is formed. Then lower the leg and reach the home position. Do the same with the second leg. Repeat raising of each leg on 20 times.

2. Now get up and widely place legs. Begin to squat slowly until while between hips and shins the right angle isn't formed. Now begin to shake slowly the basin up and down. Repeat exercise of 15-30 times.

3. Lay down on the back and bend legs in knees. Straighten hands and arrange on different sides from the head. Now begin to lift and lower the basin slowly. You have to feel how at each movement muscles of buttocks strain.

4. Lay down sideways. Prop up the head one hand. Put the free hand before the breast. Cast away one leg back and put it on foot. Now, leaning on the bent leg, try to lift another as it is possible above, without bending it in the knee. When you lower it, try not to concern it the floor. Repeat exercise of 15 times. Then lay down on other side and do the same exercise with the second leg.

5. Get up exactly and straighten shoulders. Now make the big step forward, having slightly bent the leg in the knee. Level the straightened leg, trying to pull it in the heel, and then put on foot. Do such exercise not less than 16 times for each leg.

6. Kneel and lean against the floor two hands. Now begin to raise the right leg bent in the knee, up and down. For each leg repeat such exercise not less than 30 times.

7. Lay down on the back and raise legs, having completely leveled them. Begin to part with abrupt movements legs in the opposite directions. Repeat exercise not less than 30 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team