It is simple to ride with the child the bike

It is simple to ride with the child the bike

All in the childhood dreamed to ride the bike. Having received the treasured two-wheeled friend, friendship continues several years, and then you grow up, you are tightened by daily occurrence.

With approach of the new stage of life – after the birth of children – in each adult the second childhood wakes up. And again there is time for walks. And if you the active parent, then bicycle walks with children give you great pleasure. Believe, it is very simple!

Thanks to modern bicycle accessories it is possible to ride the bike with the small child since six months. For this purpose use bicycle trailers for transportation of children. They are for one or two children and can bear loading to 45 kg. Also, in the presence of special wheels, such trailer turns into the carriage. Depending on the chosen wheels the carriage can have sports modification (for run or driving on rollers) or walking.

When the child grows up up to nine months, he can begin to be carried in the special seat for children on the bicycle. Seats are frontal (the child sits before the parent driver) and back (the child sits at the parent driver). Front cycle chairs are calculated for children up to 15 kg. Back cycle chairs will suit children up to 22 kg. Producers release children's cycle seats with the binding on different parts of the frame of the bicycle or on the special trunk. The grown-up child can ride with you the tandem post which can connect the adult and children's bicycle. With such adaptation the child will never lag behind you by the bicycle and won't be lost. Or it is possible to assemble the bicycle tandem, having attached the children's tandem part to the adult bicycle. In this case the child will ride only with you. Thus the child gradually studies well to be guided in the Wednesday surrounding the cyclist. Having learned to ride quickly own bike, your child will keep you the worthy company.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team