Kegel's exercises for women after the delivery: features of performance of a technique in house conditions

Kegel's exercises for women after the delivery: features of performance of a technique in house conditions

The period of recovery of the woman after the delivery sometimes lasts long very much. Especially it touches a uterus, a vagina and a crotch which strongly suffers in the course of patrimonial activity. To be restored as fast as possible and to bring a body into a prenatal form, recommend to carry out Kegel's exercises. In this article the complex of the most effective exercises, the main indications and possible contraindications to their performance will be considered.

The famous scientist and the gynecologist of the 20th century A. Kegel developed special gymnastics for women which main objective is to cure the urine incontinence which is often arising at the weakened muscles of a pelvic bottom which were giving birth because of.

Whether you know? Every 3rd woman who gave birth at least 1 time has an urine incontinence problem.

The technique allows to strengthen the main muscles which are responsible for maintenance of internals in natural situation. Kegel's exercises are directed to strengthening of muscles (vaginal and pubic and coccygeal), normalization of blood circulation in bodies of a small pelvis.

The gymnastics allows not only to get rid of the problems connected with gynecology but also to strengthen sexual desire, to overcome apathy and drowsiness, to return vital energy, to considerably improve health and psychological state.

Childbirth – especially individual process. Some women transfer them without any problem, others get injuries and gaps, to them impose seams.

Therefore the terms concerning the beginning of gymnastics are especially individual and have to be selected according to personal health and the recommendations of the doctor – the gynecologist. Here several standard situations of succession of events.

If childbirth was lungs, then in the course of patrimonial activity the woman does not get injuries and gaps. To begin to do gymnastics it is possible for the 5th day after discharge from maternity hospital. At the same time nevertheless it is necessary to be guided by the state and to control it throughout all gymnastics.

It is important! If in the course of the occupation the woman feels any discomfort, unpleasant feelings or pains, it is necessary to postpone recovery gymnastics for some time as the organism is not ready to receiving similar loadings yet.

It is necessary to begin with the minimum loading, carrying out 1-2 exercises for time, then to add gradually even on one exercise, daily increasing the number of approaches. If during childbirth the woman received ruptures of a crotch, then to hurry to do gymnastics it is impossible.

Video: about Kegel's exercises for women after the delivery it is possible to Start performance of exercises not earlier than in 2 weeks after an extract, at the same time in advance surely having consulted with the doctor. After full gynecologic survey the expert will prompt whether it is worth beginning to be engaged now, or it is better to wait until recovery process is fully completed.

The third situation – after Cesarean section. Recommend to carry out exercises not earlier than in 2-4 weeks, since the minimum loadings and the number of repetitions as there is a risk of a divergence of a seam. Before passing to trainings, consultation is necessary too.

We advise to esteem how it is correct to carry out Kegel's exercises at hemorrhoids.

  • problem with urine incontinence;
  • risk that bodies of a small pelvis can fall;
  • decrease in a tone of muscles of a crotch;
  • slow clarification of an organism from lokhiya;
  • reduced sexual inclination;
  • risk of development of the inflammatory processes connected with gynecology.

In spite of the fact that Kegel's technique is very effective, all women cannot carry out it.

  • the gynecologic diseases aggravated by inflammations;
  • existence of problems with vessels in a crotch or legs;
  • plentiful bloody allocations which are followed by strong pain;
  • tumors of a reproductive system;
  • not conductivity of vessels;
  • presence of a varicosity;
  • postoperative rehabilitation;
  • chronic heart troubles.

It is important! If born has good-quality new growths, then to pass to performance of gymnastic exercises it is not necessary to hurry. The verdict is taken out only by the doctor.

If to begin to be engaged by Kegel's technique, then it is necessary to learn to breathe correctly. If breath is wrong, it is difficult to achieve desirable effect – there is a risk of deterioration in a state. It is forbidden to carry out gymnastics during acceptance of solar bathtubs and a shower. Combination of thermal and physical activities becomes frequent the reason of spasms and vascular crisis and also sharp increase in arterial blood pressure.

Whether you know? There is an evident way to understand whether tightening of intimate muscles is correctly made. Enter a finger into a vaginal opening half, train tightening process. If you feel by a finger that muscles work, then all of you do correctly.

Before starting occupations, it is necessary to study in detail technology of each exercise to achieve the maximum effect and not to do much harm to an organism. Let's consider how it is correct to carry out the most effective exercises.

Recommend to begin gymnastics with this exercise. Having mastered it, surely it will turn out to make also the others. Carry out Pauses during urination, detaining an urine stream for several seconds. It is necessary to repeat the greatest possible number of times, to full devastation of a bladder.

Exercise allows to learn to control a condition of intimate muscles, without involving at the same time others. As exercise is done

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Execute tightening and the subsequent sharp relaxation of muscles of a basin. A minimum of repetitions – 10. To regulate tightening force with each subsequent study.

Make full compression of vaginal muscles, with fixing for 5 seconds. Then relax muscles, make 10 more repetitions. Each subsequent training to make fixing, detaining muscles a little longer.

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This exercise is considered rather difficult therefore to execute it from the first it turns out not at all, but in the course of regular repetitions the desirable result can be achieved.

The vagina is the hollow muscular tube consisting of several levels of muscles – floors. These floors will need to learn to be felt, straining gradually each of them and fixing up to 2 seconds.

After tension of the first level pass to the second (and so up to the tension of the last muscle when compression happens for 10 seconds longer. To relax. To repeat exercise anew, carrying out at least 5 approaches.

Exercise consists in serial reduction of muscles of a pelvic bottom: at first lobbies, smoothly passing to back, then – on the contrary. Recommend to do 10 approaches.

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Rehabilitation after the delivery can drag on or be aggravated if by Kegel's technique it is wrong to carry out intimate exercises.

  • retraction of a navel;
  • breath delay;
  • pushing of muscles of a pelvic bottom down;
  • parallel tension with intimate muscles buttock and belly;
  • the beginning of occupations at once from a difficult complex;
  • non-compliance with the mode and regularity of performance.

Video: mistakes in performance of exercises Thus, Kegel's technique is very effective for the giving birth women if to observe recommendations about performance of gymnastics and to watch technology of performance of exercises. Not to do much harm to an organism, it is better to be engaged, previously having consulted to the doctor and in the absence of contraindications.

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