Mill"" - exercise for the beautiful waist

Mill"" - exercise for the beautiful waist

Many men admitted that in the women's figure they are attracted most of all by the slender waist. Unfortunately, not to all girls has the luck to have the harmonious camp. Therefore it is necessary to perform daily exercise for the waist "mill". It is very simple and effective. But you shouldn't do it to the people who are suffering from vertebral hernia or having the waist injury.

Habitual option

Classical technology of performance of exercise "mill" is very simple. Each person at least once in life carried out him.

It is necessary to become directly, to part legs slightly more widely than hips, to straighten knees. Those who has "dry" popliteal muscles can place feet much more widely than shoulders. Hands to straighten and extend in the parties. To incline the torso parallel to the floor. The body and the front part of hips have to form the right angle.

Then it is necessary to inhale easily and, exhaling, to touch by fingers of the right palm of the left ankle. The left hand will be raised vertically at this time, and her fingers are put together.

During performance of exercise it is very important to keep knees and the back straight lines. It is necessary to turn the case at the expense of press muscles, but not just to wave the hand. To remove stress from the waist, it is necessary to strain muscles of buttocks and the back surface of the hip. Spins by hands have to accelerate gradually.

We increase loading

As well as any other, exercise for the waist "mill" soon will become too easy and inefficient. To complicate it, it is possible to resort to simple tricks. In process of stretching of popliteal sinews, feet need to be parted on smaller distance. Now it is necessary to touch the ankle not only finger-tips, but also all palm. And to increase even more loading, it is worth lowering the palm on the floor near the outside of the foot. It isn't necessary to pull the shoulder, all movements are carried out due to twisting in the waist.

"Mill" from dumbbells

For more productive occupations it is recommended to carry out "mill", having taken the dumbbell in one hand. Receive the home position, raise the right hand with the dumbbell up. The direct back, legs, buttocks and the press are strained. Without bending the elbow, and without breaking the wrist, bend on diagonal to the left knee so that the body and hips formed the corner of 45 degrees. The hand with the dumbbell all the time is above, only the trunk works. Bend even below and record the postural pose for several seconds. Increase the weight of the dumbbell and speed of performance of exercise gradually. At first it is possible to carry out bendings sideways, and already then to bend forward.


Technology of performance of exercise "mill" on one leg involves not only the slanting and direct press, but also muscles of legs and buttocks. For performance of exercise it is necessary to be able to hold balance well. One leg is tightened to the breast, and hands begin to carry out habitual swings. It isn't necessary to hurry, the main thing is to keep on one leg and to carry out twisting in the waist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team