Than occupations the post are useful

Than occupations the post are useful

There is the huge number of various exercise machines and other sports equipment by means of which becomes possible to support the body in peak form. Among other things profile stock it is impossible to ignore the post.

Post – the apparatus which appeared for a long time. In Ancient Greece the athletes prepared for competitions to the help of galteres – the kernels which are strictly connected among themselves from the stone or metal. Now the post is more mobile and consists of the signature stamp and completely removable disks of various weight.

Occupations with the post will most of all bring advantage to those who it is professional or as the fan is engaged in powerlifting, weightlifting or bodybuilding. Besides, such apparatus – the best friend for the person wishing to enhance considerably endurance of the organism and at the same time to achieve versatile development of muscles. In it, by the way, the main difference of the post from any difficult exercise machines which, as a rule, load certain groups of muscles also consists.

Shortcomings of occupations with the post

With the post it is possible to carry the following to shortcomings of occupations: Because of big dimensions and need for the additional equipment (stance, the bench, disks of various weight) the possibility of holding trainings in house conditions is practically excluded. It is necessary to pick up competently the weight of the post and concrete exercises to exclude the possibility of traumatizing.

Starting occupations with the post, consult with experts. The coach will tell what exercises will be most effective, and the doctor will explain from what sort of loadings it is worth refraining in connection with features of the organism.

In what advantage of the post for men?

If your purpose is to develop the force and endurance, here everything is rather simple. The set of rules to which it is necessary to adhere in the course of the trainings is developed. For example, work with "critical" weight, etc. Classes need to be given regularly, periodically not much more increasing the weight of disks and the number of approaches. Only by means of the post, perhaps, it is possible to achieve the best results for rather short period of time. If you are seduced more by the thought of receiving the beautiful relief of the body and increase in volume of muscles, then the post will cope also with this task. The variety of various techniques and the training with small loadings, but the large number of repetitions, will help bodybuilders to achieve those results for which they strive.

In what advantage of the post for women?

It is impossible to neglect occupations with the post and the fine half of mankind. If you dream of harmonious and sports legs and the tightened buttocks – there is no exercise better, than squats with the post. You shouldn't be afraid of similar power trainings. The main thing is to be engaged with pleasure and not to do the post too heavy. In that case exercise will do only good to the organism.

Before the start of exercises in detail study rules of its performance.

Besides, except muscles standing in the course of the occupations with the post the straight line and oblique muscles of the stomach are actively involved. If you weren't engaged with the post earlier, but were now inspired and are already going to gym, don't forget to communicate on the place to the instructor who will assist in development of the new apparatus.

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