The Chinese gymnastics for effective weight loss

The Chinese gymnastics for effective weight loss

The owner of the beautiful figure to become not so simple. For this purpose it is necessary to make serious efforts. There are different ways to get rid of excess weight, and among them there is one absolutely safe and at the same time very effective. The Chinese gymnastics will help to find the ideal figure quickly. This gymnastics is good the fact that it helps to get rid of excess weight without stresses and excessive physical tension. These exercises will help normalization of work of the system of digestion.


1. Absorption slyunyeto is very useful to perform exercise in the morning right after awakening, on an empty stomach, it is possible even lying in the bed. At first massage language of the gum and slightly knock with teeth. Then swallow the saved-up saliva in several drinks so that it fell to the stomach. At the same time mentally it is necessary to present that you absorb salutary balm which will help to adjust the system of digestion and to get rid of excess weight.

2. Massage to zhivotarasteret the stomach smooth circular motions of the palms imposed at each other. To perform exercise clockwise. After circular motions softly knock on the surface of the stomach with bones of the fingers compressed in fists.

3. Breath for normalization to vesapomestit the palms imposed at each other on the bottom of the stomach and to perform the following breathing exercise. On the breath to tuck the stomach in, on delivery to stick out. It is useful to perform this exercise in the so-called low stance, having put legs with slightly bent knees at distance about 1 m from each other.

4. The movement to bedramipomestit palms on area of the solar plexus and to shake hips forward and back. Then with hands on solar textures need to be rotated hips clockwise and against it.

5. Energy in the solar spleteniipoprobuyt mentally to fill palms with energy of the earth and to place them in the field of the top part of the stomach, one under another and to carry out bendings of the case of the body down, slightly pressing on the stomach at each bending.

6. The movement are carried out by hips in the provision of the sidyaeta of the movement in the sitting position on the floor or on the chair. It is necessary to rotate at first hips around, and then to shake hips forward and back, here and there.

7. Massage for pishchevareniyapodushechka of three fingers (index, average and anonymous) to pound clockwise the point on the top of the head. Then to pound index fingers and little fingers from the bases to finger-tips. At the end to massage legs from anklebones to fingers.

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