What is yoga for pregnant women

What is yoga for pregnant women

The yoga helps pregnant women to be prepared psychologically and physically for childbirth. There are exercises which strengthen the nervous system which got naughty hormonal failure unweight the backbone, improve blood circulation and lighten the mood and overall health of future mother.


1. Yoga for pregnant women — the set of exercises which are directed not only to the body extension, but also to clarification of the organism, the correct breath and relaxation of all body. The pregnant women practicing regularly yoga have excellent physical health and radiate joy and optimism. The meaning of asanas, special yogovsky poses, not in that being tied into three knots and to sit to listen to quiet music, and finding of comfort and convenience in any unusual situation, strengthenings of spirituality and health. Gives to future mothers of the yogi disposal of different types of pain and reduces the pain threshold during childbirth. Also future mothers avoid the postnatal depression.

2. During the occupations all asanas are carried out by yoga smoothly and slowly. Exercises are directed to soft work with joints and the backbone. Special poses strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation of those fabrics and bodies which will participate in the childbed. Special attention is paid to breathing exercises. They supply with oxygen of the child and mother, and during childbirth relieve pain at fights. Also by means of these exercises it is possible to avoid weak patrimonial activity and the hypoxia at the newborn. Exist developed for pregnant women of technology of clarification, helping not to gain the excess weight and to reduce or completely to get rid of toxicosis.

3. Special meditations help to come into contact with the kid. They learn "to hear", understand and feel mood and desire of the child. Exercises for the relaxation result in harmony of mother and kid. After yoga the pregnant woman feels relaxation at the emotional, physical and mental levels. Even the turned poses, at their correct performance, will well influence the organism.

4. The yoga suits all women, at normal and good course of pregnancy. Some teachers recommend to begin occupations with the second trimester of pregnancy. However, and in its first months the yoga can save the woman from toxicosis. Therefore before the course it is necessary to consult with the attending physician and the coach, having pointed out all nuances and features of the organism. For example, standing poses, etc. are contraindicated to the woman who had abortion cases. Also the yoga doesn't suit future mothers who have infectious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, vertebral and craniocereberal injuries, chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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