What type of single combats is suitable for the girl

What type of single combats is suitable for the girl

Single combats attract women with the fact that help not only to seize skills of self-defense, but also to develop grace and plasticity of movements. The huge number of girls is chosen by single combats as the product helping to keep the figure, and even as the profession. It is important to define only what of single combats best of all will be suitable for the fragile and elegant girl.


1. Taijiquan. Movements of single combats of this type will remind movements of dance and will demand good coordination. The patience and accuracy will help with the best comprehension of this art form as are capable to change not only the body, but also consciousness. Taijiquan combines in itself sport and dance therefore it will be able just to be pleasant.

2. A-boxing. Such type of single combats as A-boxing is mix of Thai boxing with fitness aerobics and will help not only to develop coordination and clearness in movements, but also will strengthen the organism in general, will help to make him hardy, than will minimize risk of influence on the girl of any stressful situation.

3. Capoeira. This type of oriental martial arts combines methods of self-defense and attack, but dance is the cornerstone. Such martial art will undoubtedly be to the taste to women as such "fighting dance" impresses with skill of gestures and the opportunity fantastically beautiful and, at the same time, fast movement in space.

4. Judo. Such type of oriental martial arts sufficiently attracts interest of girls, girls and even women as helps to develop reaction, flexibility of movements and also will help to cultivate self-confidence that in some situations is of very great importance.

5. Taekwondo combines in himself aerobics, acrobatics and shaping at the same time. It is important to know that the girls who are engaged in this type of single combats have practically no problems in respect of gynecology as all exercises are directed to strengthening of muscles and help to improve blood circulation in pelvic area.

6. Aikido. This type of oriental martial arts is relatively young as it appeared all slightly more than half a century back, but managed to get already to fall in love rather large number of girls. This doctrine bears in itself knowledge of how weak can defeat stronger opponent. In other words, girls will be able to change somewhat the consciousness and to understand that the weakness can always be turned into force.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team