What personal qualities distinguish athletes

What personal qualities distinguish athletes

The skill of professional athletes is estimable. But progress doesn't come by itself. Those who devoted the life to sport should make the lot of efforts and to show the best personal qualities to show good results and to reach the desired victory. The sport builds up character, tempers will and learns to overcome obstacles.


1. The true athlete is distinguished by ability to keep the high level of motivation to trainings and competitions. Athletes are always ready for the maximum success. During the occupations the athletes constantly follow the mental set on the victory. Before competitions this thought becomes dominating in consciousness. Such spirit provides readiness of the person for overcoming difficulties.

2. Ability to concentrate on tasks, the commitment and self-discipline at implementation of plans also become property of character of the professional athlete. All lifestyle submits to the uniform purpose – to show the highest result and to pull out the victory from hands of the opponent.

3. Athletes are able to make independent decisions and to be responsible for them. This property of the personality is especially valuable at the moments of competitions when the athlete has to act alone, without counting on the help and councils of the coach or psychologist of team.

4. One of composed success in sport – confidence in the forces and the high self-assessment. Those who doubt the abilities seldom achieve impressive results. The victory requires accurate awareness of the strengths and their competent use both during the trainings, and at battles for prize-winning places. Psychologists note that the high self-assessment is peculiar to many Olympic champions.

5. The athlete can't do also without the developed strong-willed qualities. At trainings and in fight for medals often it is necessary to suffer, overcoming fatigue, pain, and sometimes and fear. The developed will helps the athlete to break physical and psychological barriers. In professional sport there are special systems of the trainings aimed only at the development of strong-willed qualities.

6. The professional athlete has emotional stability. At the moments of competitions practically each athlete experiences nervousness and is in the stressful state. For achievement of success it is necessary to be able to cope with emotions, keeping them under control. True masters show coolness even at the most critical moments of sports meets.

7. The trained athlete is distinguished also by ability to react adequately to possible failures and failures. This trait of character is formed gradually and brightly shown at the moments of participation in competitive process. It is impossible to gain victories constantly. But the true athlete is capable to draw conclusions from each defeat, to analyze mistakes and to introduce amendments in the actions. Champions know that success in sport is defined not by the number of unsuccessful approaches to the apparatus, but that only attempt which will uplift them on the pedestal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team