How to improve reaction

How to improve reaction

Observing statistics of results of sporting achievements at the Olympic Games, scientists come to the conclusion that it is harder and harder to set up the new record every year because the mankind approaches just "border" of the opportunities. Besides, on the other hand, the izoterichesky doctrine says that possibilities of the person are limited only to his mind. Whether it means that it is necessary to swing brains, but not muscles? And how the brain will help to develop the improved reaction? Let's try to understand.


1. So it is arranged with the nature that the human body is the uniform organism where one can't exist without another. For the example we will consider the raised question how to improve reaction.

2. Reaction, as is well-known from the course of biology and anatomy for the eighth class, is signal transmission speed from the brain on nerves to muscular knots with the order to be reduced. It is valid if the stone flies to the person, he will try to evade, but won't stand and look at the flying stone with the look of the prishiblenny intellectual. Just that time which is required for passing of the signal from the brain to muscles and the beginning of actions and is reaction time. The less this time – the is more than chances to survive also safe.

3. Therefore, it is possible to draw conclusion that human reaction depends both on the brain, and on muscles. But we will go one after another. For a start we will consider the brain. This body gives the signal that it is necessary to evade from the flying stone. Not the small role is played in this case by the visual part of the brain and eyes. There is the instant assessment of the situation then the brain sends the signal. It is also important to consider the fact that the eye has the so-called "blind spot" in which at hit the same thrown fireplace just will drop for several moments out of sight and the brain can not manage to instruct muscles to evasion.

4. Therefore it is worth being engaged in the brain training. For this purpose there is the simple exercise which is very often used by actors. Two persons get up the friend opposite to the friend. One makes various movements. The problem of the second – to repeat everything in accuracy. Over time the speed of change of movements increases. It forces the brain to work more actively and on the fly to give orders to muscles.

5. Bol or less dealt with the brain. Now we will pass directly to muscles. The they trenirovanny – the quicker they will react to team of the brain, will quicker be reduced, and evasion will happen much easier and quicker. For the exercise machine which is something on similarity of pear for the beating, but, plus to everything, on this the unit many bulbs which light up with frequency in half of second in different sites are located. The task is in striking the blow to each lit-up bulb.

6. Performing two these exercises, it is possible to remove pretty fast the reaction to new level, and will seem very often that time zamelit the course. Quite unforgettable feeling. I recommend to test.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team