Whether the yoga can do harm to an organism: useful svoyst and contraindication"

Whether the yoga can do harm to an organism: useful svoyst and contraindication"

The yoga in the opinion of many remains nearly a panacea from various diseases.

Let's try to understand that the yoga gives to the woman if to begin to be engaged in it.

Acquaintance to a concept

Interpretations of the concept ""yoga"" there is a set. If to generalize them, then it will turn out that it is a complex of the physical and spiritual methods approved by Hindus or Buddhists by means of whom it is possible to reach positive changes in an organism. If "to dig more deeply", then we learn about one of philosophical currents in the Hinduism having an ultimate goal release of consciousness from influence of the outside world.

There are several its directions which followers place emphasis on work with consciousness.

We will approach a question is more practical and we will try to understand, than attract occupations with yoga in what their advantage and whether there is a harm.

Whether you know? Among researchers this current is considered rather philosophical, than religious. Though religious element originally dominated.

Types of yoga

Let's consider types most popular in our corner of the world, exotic currents we will leave alone – they are difficult for the beginner.

Hatha yoga

Experts know that this term means a number the practician, directed to management of the person of the body. Such occupations can be seen in a training sheets of many fitness clubs. At trainings do the exercises leveling a body – such themselves dispersal for an organism. The advantage of such yoga is obvious to a figure, at the movement the small loadings receive all systems and groups of bodies.

The trainer will help to calculate loadings, as makes similar preparation available to beginners.

Important! For beginners the set from 10 poses is considered optimum – without preparation it will be difficult for more person to master.

Rajah of the yogi

Unlike a hatkha, "is ground" on management of consciousness. It is already top step which has a little general with habitual physical training. This method is interesting to the resident of the megalopolis by work on self-checking, possession of the emotions. It is possible to tell that such yoga is intended for composure. In total with physical activities yields quite good result – self-confidence is provided.

We recommend to examine the yoga-dance "Mandala" also.

Kundalini of the yogi

Technology of the general rejuvenation of an organism. Presents a set of exercises for the respiratory system and muscles of a back in the "mass" form. In the sport centers meanwhile meets infrequently. At "clean" option there is a strong philosophical element (singing of mantras and regular meditations). Such approach can frighten the beginner a little.

It is considered that diligent occupations bring success in everyday affairs. It is interesting to us that the yoga for improvement, what its advantage for an organism gives.

Whether you know? It is no secret that yogis can hold the breath. Half-hour such delay is documented though there are also unique persons blocking this result.

Useful properties of yoga for men and women

Let's classify, than these exercises are so useful. We will break major factors on groups.

Advantage for improvement of health

As well as any physical activities, occupations well affect the general state of health. It is shown in the following:

  • after several trainings the flexibility increases, the motility improves;
  • pressure returns to normal;
  • gradually pains in a back disappear. Such advantage for women and men is attractive to beginners irrespective of age;
  • level of "bad" cholesterol declines, the risk of heart troubles is reduced;
  • muscles of all body (especially backs) come to a tone;
  • internals receive a peculiar massage.

Important! People with the lowered pressure should treat occupations with care: sharp change of position of a body can cause sharply negative effect.

Many researches showed that at such integrated approach the new centers of pain at people of middle age arise less often.

Occupations for appearance

It is noted that as a result of occupations that potential of beauty which is inherent in each person is realized. This is true: unlike strength sports and athletics, there are no changes in the structure (constitution) of a body here. Let's look that the yoga gives and than it is useful to women in this direction:

  • folds on skin smooth out;
  • due to moderate, but regular activity, excess fat cleans up;
  • motive exercises normalize the course of exchange substances in an organism that is well visible on normal complexion.

These are the main reasons for which people go to the hall.

The "sports" direction is directed on achievement of such effect though skilled yogis assure that without work of suggestion of these results to achieve it will not turn out or they will be short-term.

The yoga helps to become joyful, it is better to remember information, to lose weight and to keep the taken shape at weight loss, to get rid of fatigue.

Yoga as a hobby

The yoga and its advantage for female health has also psychological aspect. For professionals it is a basis whereas finding of a certain rest is important for the ordinary townswoman. Our life with its rates and stresses literally "eats" an organism, provoking various diseases.

Alternating exercises to a small relax (meditation), it is possible not only to get rid of persuasive discomfort, but also to develop quieter view of surrounding things. There is a moment which disturbs many – as the yoga influences mentality. Everyone defines the priorities: if finding of physical standards, then long meditations especially is important and are not necessary (plus can not be enough time for them) – there will be enough also small dormant periods during the day.

It is important! Remember that smooth movements are the cornerstone of this practice - it is not sport where it is necessary to show speed.

Trainers note that the excessive fanaticism and zealous execution of all norms stated in ancient manuscripts can do much harm to the unprepared person. So it is better to adhere to a measure.

Whether harm for an organism is possible

In the majority of the publications devoted to this system it is emphasized that it is harmless to the healthy person. At the same time there is a number of contraindications. So the answer to a question whether the yoga can do much harm, will be affirmative here. You should not start occupations if the person has following diseases:

  • deep disorders of nervous system and mentality;
  • arrhythmia and heart troubles (first of all with a myocardium);
  • blood diseases;
  • severe injuries of the head and backbone;
  • stones in a gall bladder;
  • malignant tumors.

We listed so-called regular contraindications which do not allow to start exercises.

Whether you know? Except ancient India, occupations yoga were practiced also by inhabitants of "pre-Columbian" South America.

Separately it is worth mentioning people at whom the general state can be called heavy, – excess loadings will only do much harm. To what attractive the result would not seem, it is better for them to be kept. The same concerns also people with heavy violations of a musculoskeletal system. Having undertaken trainings, they at once will understand, than the yoga so any "amateur performance" is contraindicated to them is dangerous.

Advice and recommendations to beginners

If it did not happen to be engaged in it earlier, then these several councils will be for certain useful:

  • The best time for house occupations consider morning.
  • Adhere to convenient speed, do not overcome yourself.
  • Each of poses "is fixed" on three full cycles a breath/exhalation.
  • Distract from foreign thoughts.
  • Lay up a water small bottle – if you are tired, it will encourage.
  • Duration of the first trainings does not exceed 20 minutes.
  • If strong fatigue, the "broken" state or weakness is felt, it is better not to start occupation.

That from start not to do much harm to an organism, begin with the simplest receptions. Excess speed too to anything – for want of habit it is possible to pull a waist and "to progruzit" back muscles. Try to control an emotional state, similar exercises demand rest and concentration.

Important! Hard physical work should not be alternated to practicians of yoga – it "will only "clog" muscles and bodies.

Conforming to these simple rules, it is possible to restore health noticeably. We found out that the yoga represents what it is useful to and when it is worth thinking of such complex of occupations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team