As at cats treat cancer

As at cats treat cancer

Statistically, cancer at cats the reason of a lethal outcome in half of cases of death of these animals becomes aged more senior than 10 years. The malignant tumor at cats can give metastases which promptly affect all healthy cells of a living organism. It is better to find such disease in cats beforehand, in this case the possibility of recovery of an animal, so, and increases in its term of life appears.

Cancer at a cat: symptoms

If you noticed the following symptoms at the alumna, it is necessary to sound the alarm: - bleeding of gums, an unpleasant smell from a mouth, the complicated breath, difficulties with swallowing signaling about presence of a tumor in a mouth or in a nasal cavity; - the inflamed lymph nodes which can be sign of a lymphoma;

- loss of appetite and weight; - not healing ulcers and pigmentary spots on skin can be symptom of cancer of skin; - bleedings of any body; - formations in auricles; - formations in mammary glands; - apathy and decrease of the activity.

Definition of a stage of cancer at catsBefore beginning treatment cats from cancer, the veterinarian has to define, the disease how far came. It is necessary to establish precisely, the available tumors and what complications could appear how far extended. Inspections of a cat usually include performing ultrasonography (or roentgenoscopies), blood tests and also samples of fabrics (aspiration or a biopsy) from lymph nodes.

Cancer therapy at cats

Cancer therapy at a cat will depend on type and degree of a disease, the general condition of an animal. The doctor it can be appointed: - surgery; - chemotherapy; - radiation (radiotheraphy); - immunotherapy. It is important to understand that the drugs used at cancer therapy are very active, and the cat will feel very badly after each procedure. However it does not mean that treatment does it harm. Improvement will not become noticeable at once. The animal can tear, it can the most part of time sleep or uneasily mew. The behavior of a cat after the procedure needs to be discussed with the veterinarian who will explain to you whether it is normal and whether it is necessary to interrupt treatment. Also the doctor will advise as it is correct to feed the animal having this disease. Features of food of a cat will depend in many respects on what type of cancer is available for it. Many animals at cancer of a liver refuse to eat food. It is in that case recommended to feed it from the syringe (certainly, without needle), the wiped soft food. It is necessary to watch that the cat did not lose weight. The veterinarian can register sedatives and substances for easier digestion of food, an injection or a dropper. Cancer with metastases is capable to be taken by a cat very hard. In that case the oncologist can recommend to you to resort to euthanasia - the humane lulling to slip saving an animal from inevitable tortures. This very hard decision, and to you will be required support of members of your family and close people.

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