As birds see

As birds see

Birds – beautiful creatures of the nature. People long since envied their ability to fly, however birds have one more feature which the person could admire. This their surprising sight.


1. The sight plays a huge role in life of birds. Many birds should track down at the same time production and to watch carefully that not to become someone's lunch. Others try to discover the victims on the earth, being highly in the sky at this time. The third lead a nocturnalism and perfectly see in the dark. Therefore during evolution the sight at birds developed far better, than at the person.

2. Birds see by four-five times more sharply, than the person. At the majority of types sight monokulyarno (the exception is made by owls) – that is, they perceive a subject mainly one eye. But the field of vision at them is much wider, than at people, and makes about 300 degrees. Such review is reached due to arrangement of eyes – at birds they are on each side. And the structure of visual body of a goatsucker allows it at all, without turning the head, to see by 360 degrees.

3. The person of a posereda of an eye bottom has a yellow spot – the place where the maximum concentration of the cages sensitive to light is observed. At birds of such spots two. Therefore they can consider at the same time two interested them an object which are at a distance from each other.

4. An eye of some birds can work as the real telescope. Predators – to condors, Egyptian vultures, eagles – should look out for the production from big height. In order that it is better to make out the victim, during evolution they developed interesting adaptation. Their central visual bunch is capable to enlarge the image by two and a half times.

5. Night birds have the devices allowing them to see in the dark. At the bottom of an eyeball of owls and eagle owls behind a retina the layer reflector was located. It is capable to catch weak diffused light. Eyes of owls, unlike other birds, are located in front, and their eyeballs are strongly fixed that considerably narrows them a viewing angle. But owls managed to solve this problem, having learned to turn the head by 360 degrees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team