As think out nicknames

As think out nicknames

The nickname is also important for an animal, as well as a name for the person. You should not select precipitately a popular, intricate name before acquisition of a pet and even in the first days the favourite can remain anonymous. Look narrowly at behavior and habits of a canine friend, they will become guides when choosing.


1. Consider nickname option which consists of two syllables. Such words are as fast as possible and easily remembered by an animal. The pet from a family tree it will be obligatory to have a long and difficult name, but it is worth thinking also of the shortened version. Not the last place in a question of the choice is taken by breed of an animal. Select the German nicknames to sheep-dogs, schnauzers, dachshunds, French — to poodles, Scottish – to terriers, Irish - to wolfhounds and setters.

2. If it is about a dog. Refuse names which in sounding are similar to teams: Cyd – "To Sit!", Funtik — "Foo!". It will be difficult to dog to distinguish so similar words.

3. Try that the name of a canine friend "grew" together with it. "Kid" will be hardly appropriate when the dog reaches the impressive sizes.

4. The name of the person affects his character, the emphasis on it is placed also at a research of influence of a nickname on behavior of dogs. So, the Hard will grow sure, independent, but not inclined to escapes. Nayda in most cases kind, quiet and ringing, ready at any time to notify the owner on guests. And here Palma opposite have very unstable character, are capable to bite stealthily. Existence of the letter "r" in a nickname cultivates determination, force in every sense, self-confidence. Such nicknames are relevant for sentry dogs, bodyguards, office dogs.

5. For a cat the appearance or character can be the cornerstone of a nickname. From there are Saffron milk caps, Proteins, Chernysha, Rascals, Robbers and Sony. Refuse the idea to call a wool lump by the human name, you risk to get into an awkward situation if on a visit there is a person with the same name.

6. It is ideal if the word contains sounds Shch, H, Z, Sh, With, they are well perceived and remembered for this reason cats respond to "pussycats pussycats". One more rule – the termination of a nickname on "and": Archie, Lucie, Sherry, Nessie.

7. You say a nickname rather loudly and accurately, cats are extremely sensitive to intonations in pronunciation of their name, be not surprised to the fact that the cat will refuse to approach, having caught the angry call.

8. You should not name a cat Vaska, Murzik or Musey, your favourite is worthy a unique name with creative approach. If it is difficult to you to define a sex of a tiny kitten, give it a nickname which can easily be transformed from "men's" to "women's" by change of one letter. If you already had a pet, refuse the idea to use a nickname again. The name bears in itself power and the probability that the new canine friend will repeat the fate of former is high.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team