Chihuahua: standards of breed

Chihuahua: standards of breed

Dogs of breed of a chihuahua are recognized as the smallest in the world. The most ancient ancestors of representatives of breed came from Mexico. Today the keen interest in small friendly doggies is observed.

Head, neck and muzzle of a chihuahua

In a form the head of this little dog reminds apple, and it represents one of distinctive features of breed of a chihuahua. Descent from a forehead to a muzzle is well expressed, the forehead is rounded at the muzzle basis. The nose at a chihuahua quite short and considerably hitched up, about color of a lobe of a nose is various. The short muzzle which is extending at the basis and narrowed by the end. At assessment in a profile a muzzle direct. Cheeks at a chihuahua are almost not expressed, a normal bite – nozhnitseobrazny or direct.

These dogs have big round eyes, a little convex. The look is inquisitive and friendly. Eyes are mainly dark, however also light occasionally meet. The big auricle which is sharply narrowed in the direction from the basis by the end. It is located in the vertical plane, but in the weakened state "are listened a little openmouthed". The head rushes on a little curved neck, moderately long. On skin of a neck there should not be wrinkles and folds, it has to adjoin densely to muscles and to be elastic.

Trunk of a chihuahua. Color

bodies of dogsThe case breeds of a chihuahua consists of ill-defined withers, a short and strong back and a muscular waist. A thorax wide and deep, with the rounded-off edges. The croup is not squinted, the stomach should not sag, has to be tightened. The tail is quite long, it is a little narrowed towards the end. It is raised and bent in the form of a semicircle, it gives to all case balance. Front extremities direct and long, muscles of shoulders are developed poorly. Paws small, fingers are not spread wide. Claws on fingers long and bent, small pillows of paws – elastic. Elbows have to be densely pressed to a body. Muscles of back extremities are well developed, they are located in parallel each other. Skakatelny joints short, and the Achilles' tendon is expressed distinctly. There are two options of a wool cover for representatives of breed of a chihuahua: long-haired and sleek-haired. At sleek-haired dogs of hair short, adjoins densely. On a stomach and a throat less intensive growth of hair is noted. On a neck and on a tail wool the longest, and on the head and ears – the shortest. At long-haired chihuahuas of hair can be either direct, or wavy. Underfur moderately dense. On ears, the back surface of extremities and a breast wool forms a peculiar jewelry in the form of plumelets. On a color for a chihuahua there are no special standards as can be absolutely different. There is only one requirement: that the color matched the color of a nose and an eye. The weight of these little dogs is normal of no more than 2 kg, a maximum to 3 kg. Height in withers also meets the most various, but in general up to 38 cm.

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