How just to make the house for a cat

How just to make the house for a cat

Cats are beings who very much like to get into boxes or to hide in lodges. In pet-shop it is possible to get a lodge for a cat, but it costs quite much and the existing modifications can be pleasant not really both a configuration, and appearance. There is very easy way to make a cozy qualitative lodge for a cat of improvised materials.

It is required to you

  • - container plastic rectangular with a side (a side surely!);
  • - 0.5 sq.m of plywood 10 mm;
  • - carpet or faux fur on a dense basis;
  • - M5 bolts with a secret head and nuts;
  • - soft rag for a plank bed;
  • - set for sewing;
  • - tool kit.


1. Cut a rectangle which size corresponds to the size of the top part of a container from plywood.

2. Process edges of plywood a file, remove hangnails and facets.

3. Cut out from a carpet or soft strong fabric a rectangular piece which sizes will correspond to the sizes of the prepared sheet of plywood. Sweep off edges of a carpet that he did not get out of hand in use and works. Besides a simple proshivaniye of edge it is possible to wrap up in addition it in fabric and to stitch a continuous seam.

4. Turn the prepared container with a door a bottom up, establish on a fanerka with a carpet layer between them and record self-tapping screws. It was for this purpose necessary to find a container with sides. For a start it is not necessary to take screws. Just acquire them to understand how the house cover will fasten.

5. Now it is necessary to lay out a container a carpet from within or something soft that the cat felt comfortably. Let's prepare the same swept-off preparations from a carpet for each wall and for a ceiling. On each wall and a ceiling (it – a container bottom) it is necessary to attach one preparation corresponding by the sizes.

6. For fixing of preparations we will use bolts with a secret head. A nut we will arrange outside, and a secret hat inside. We do openings through a carpet and we fix the prepared fragments. Do not forget to enclose big washers outside.

7. Now it is necessary only to tighten the container warmed by a carpet, it is reliable to fasten to it a bottom from plywood and the lodge is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team