How to accustom a decorative rabbit to a toilet

How to accustom a decorative rabbit to a toilet

Preferences of people change, children ask parents to buy not a doggie, and a rabbit. Adults also do not guess that kid it is possible to accustom to go to a toilet in a usual tray. Actually everything is very simple, the principle of schooling to a tray is similar to the fact that it is used for kittens or tiny doggies. If the rabbit is already available, but does not wish even to see a tray, so time did not approach yet. 2-3 months are considered optimum, only at this age big-eared something begins to understand.


1. Get a tray with low sides, and inside put sawdust, small straw or usual filler. Some rabbits eat straw therefore it is undesirable to use it, well if, of course, you do not want that the kid perceived it as a feeding trough.

2. Remind the silly little chap of a tray. If on a floor the pool was formed, scold it a little and carry in a toilet. Let will sit and will think, you have to abuse a rabbit at this time, but is not strong. It is impossible to beat them at all, they are too fragile and gentle creations.

3. Rabbits, as well as many animals, prefer to go to a toilet there where there is already their smell. Do not forget to wash out carefully floors and to clean oriental carpets that big-eared did not smell former places where he was forbidden to go strictly. Wet a napkin in urine and put in a tray. The kid will begin to sniff and will be guided on a smell, so it also will appear in the put place.

4. Decorative rabbits clever, they understand what from them is required and in a week start going to a toilet strictly in a tray. Remind the kid more often, and at the slightest progress you praise him. Only the patience and tranquility, not everything can turn out at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team