How to accustom a dog to the box

How to accustom a dog to the box

As a rule, a question of where there will live a puppy, it is necessary to solve at a purchase stage. If you plan to choose a dog for protection of dacha or the house, then it is necessary to accustom from the very first days her to life on the street. But only in case you buy a puppy in the summer or in the spring. If on the street it is already quite cold, snow dropped out, then spending the night on the street can cost to your future watchman of health.


1. It is the best of all to choose a puppy in the summer or in the spring that by the beginning of cold weather he already accustomed and got stronger. But before it it is extremely important to equip its doghouse correctly. At first carefully think of where the box as change of location is extremely undesirable will be located. The box has to be qualitatively built, but not represent just small shed which is hammered together from rotten and old boards. The doghouse needs to be built counting upon the fact that in 6 months your puppy will become a big dog.

2. The box has to be warm, dry and cozy, then process of schooling of a puppy to it will take place much quicker. Try to change as often as possible a laying that inside the dampness did not collect. In cold season close pass by a piece of dense fabric, for example, tarpaulin or cloth.

3. Initially do not tie a puppy to the doghouse at all – let's it get used and accustom on the new place. Let he will run in plenty on the yard to explore the new unknown territory. If suddenly weather deteriorates, then your puppy will instinctively look for a shelter, and, for certain, will choose the prepared box. But it will occur only if the doghouse is equipped in due form. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult to accustom a puppy to the crude and cold box.

4. For this reason arrangement of a lodge for a puppy needs to pay as much as possible attention if you want the pet without serious consequences and quickly to get used to new life. Put favourite toys of a puppy in the doghouse. When he independently enters the box, feed him with some delicacy. Put a bowl with food near the box that the dog understood: there is its place.

5. After the puppy accustomed, try to tie him to the box for a while. At the same time try to be near the pet. It is gradually possible to increase a period of time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team