How to tell about a divorce

How to tell about a divorce

Divorce of parents this serious experience for the child. Even if parents leave friendly, the kid has a serious stress. How to facilitate his life? Talk to him! Do not think that the child is still small and will understand nothing. Be at proper words, find the correct tone and you will help the kid to experience all difficulties.


1. Find the correct slovadet almost always guess that in family not everything is smooth even if you do not quarrel at them. Having been going to tell about a divorce to children, try to talk all together. It is important that children knew that this joint decision, differently they will accuse one of parents. Do not go into detail of parting. Explain to children that leave mother the father, but both of you still love the children.

2. Be honest Of course, you will want to facilitate experiences of children, but only do not overdo. They have to know that though to all of you it is very sad, this decision the best and it will not change. You should not feed their hope that parting temporary, and in few months everything will return into place. Explain to them as everything will occur further: court, registration of a divorce, moving.

3. Recognize the vinudet always consider that they are guilty divorced parents. They imagine that if they were obedient, they did not receive the three in a year, did not break a window to neighbors, parents would stay together. It is necessary to explain to them that the fault lies with parents, but not with children.

4. Do not add a volneniydeta and so strongly worry on a divorce so you have to be absolutely quiet. Having been going to tell about a divorce, show that everything that occurs – normally and naturally. Explain that they will communicate likewise with mother and the father, grandmothers and grandfathers, only in different days. If children wait for any event – a holiday, a trip to aquapark, purchases of the bicycle – calm them, promise that everything will take place, it is simple to have a rest they will go with mother, and to aquapark – with the father.

5. Answer them voprosygotovtes that the hail of questions will fall upon you. Actually, it is very good, so you learn what actually concerns children in connection with a divorce, and will be able to calm them. Answer in detail and patiently, you monitor their reaction. Only do not compose, children attach great value to your answers. If you do not know yet the answer to a certain question (did not discuss with the spouse, did not find the new apartment, etc.), promise to answer at once as everything will become clear.

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