How to prepare a cat for an exhibition

How to prepare a cat for an exhibition

Whether you will carry a cat on an exhibition or not, you have to solve at early age of the pet. Preparation for serious exhibition career demands many forces and patience from the owner. However prizes and victories at competitions not only will please the owner, but also will add additional bonuses to a family tree of cat's family.


1. Decide on veterinary clinic as soon as the kitten lodges at you. It is desirable to choose the constant veterinarian. Carry out all necessary vaccination, get rid of worms and fleas. Join club of fans of cats, so it will be simpler to you to prepare a cat for an exhibition and to be aware of news of an exhibition season.

2. Constantly care for physical development of a cat. Pick up the balanced food, it is desirable superpremium class sterns. Carry out a daily grooming – care for wool, ears, eyes, claws of a cat. Find time for mental development of a kitten. Accustom an animal to communication with strangers, for this purpose you take out it on a visit to acquaintances in a figurative cage. Encourage communication of a kitten with other healthy cats.

3. Put in order appearance of a cat or cat just before an exhibition. Tonsure claws. Clean cotton tampons wipe eyes and a nose of a cat from crusts and allocations. Accurately wipe an auricle with Q-tips. Also the Q-tip moistened in lemon juice clean teeth.

4. Pay special attention to wool of your pet. Wash a cat in 2 days prior to an exhibition that wool after bathing took the natural form. It is necessary to wash a cat 2 times, at the second washing use coloring shampoo or balm. After that completely wash away foam, rinse with clear water, and then weak solution of vinegar for gloss. Wipe wool dry since a back. Apply powder for giving of silkiness on slightly damp wool, dry the hair dryer and comb out surplus of cosmetics. Process wool in several hours the protein conditioner. Comb a massage hairbrush with an antistatic covering.

5. In advance prepare all documents – veterinary certificates with marks on expulsion of helminths, rage inoculations, depriving, the panleukopenias, a family tree and documents confirming awards.

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